Ange’s Warning To The Rest Of The League: Celtic Aren’t Even Near To Our Best Yet.

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Of all the things that Ange has said in the last week or so, one should scare the Hell out of rivals more than anything else; his assertion that the performance at the weekend was nothing but a continued step down the road towards where he wants us to be.

This team is still evolving.

We’re still improving. He wants us to continue striving to be better, which is why most of the team was inside the opposition penalty area when we got the last ditch corner and already had six goals in the bag.

We wanted the seventh. And the eighth. Whatever there was time for on the clock.

This team will be both relentless and ruthless. Ange wants them to play on the front foot from the first minute to the last, and if we do that no team in Scotland will live with us.

You wonder, at times when you listen to this guy, if Ange will ever be truly satisfied with where we are.

He seems to have those standards that only the best managers do, that commitment to constant improvement, to never rest on your laurels, to never be entirely satisfied.

This was best exemplified in Alex Ferguson, who even when his team was laying waste to opponents always found something they could have done better or more sharply.

Ange already has the team doing some the things he wants, but he’s right to say that we won’t see the effects in full until we are doing it every week with the kind of consistency top teams need if they are going to win trophies and titles.

As long as he isn’t turning to the new “guru” for advice I expect that we’ll get there, and especially if he continues to be backed by the board. Stories linking us to a new striker are good, but until people sign on the dotted line it’s nothing but speculation.

In the meantime, the Celtic manager gets on with doing the job, trying to make improvements, edging us ever so slowly towards his vision.

When we really get underway what a show it’s going to be.

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