Anti-Celtic Adam’s Edouard Remarks Are The Bitter Snarks Of An Angry Man.

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I bet you when Charlie Adam got up this morning and decided he was going to call Odsonne Edouard a £5 million player he was dead chuffed with himself.

It’s almost as if he was struck by his own brilliant thinking and couldn’t wait to share it.

But ex-Ibrox player takes a dig at Celtic isn’t original or brilliant, it’s tired and lame and business as usual.

This is a guy who if he hadn’t been born with a limited ability as a footballer would quite possibly have been sat outside Queen Street Station selling The Big Issue.

He would not have a string of qualifications or letters after his name, that’s for sure, because there are probably more brain cells growing in hair gel than he could muster for coherent thought.

Charlie Adam has, this month, already suggested that his current club should be willing to sacrifice sponsorship money to appease Ibrox. That’s the level of his intellect.

That his “ideas and opinions” are being lapped up at the moment by our media shows how embarrassing they truly are. The words that come out of this guy’s mouth wouldn’t rise to the level of a pub table debate, far less anything worthy of splattering over the back pages of a newspaper. Yet there they are.

His “belief” that Edouard is only worth £5 million is so cartoonish and utterly ridiculous he should have been laughed at for expressing it publicly.

Instead we find it treated seriously, although he’s not even remotely an authority on this stuff or inhabiting the same reality as the people who run other clubs and who will ultimately be the ones to make that decision.

Normally with a prediction like this, I’d save it and then use it to slap the person later; why would I even bother this time?

These are the words of a cretin, not to be treated with the respect of even half-hearted engagement.

It isn’t a serious point any more than someone saying that they believe the moon is made of cheese would be.

Nobody would treat that as an opinion deserving of a proper discussion and that’s how I view this.

Instead, what we have here is pure poison.

That’s all it is.

An anti-Celtic snark, coming from a bitter and angry and frustrated hater whose current club just lost to us 6-0 and whose favourite club was just shown up in Europe.

It is the furious act of an angry child not getting its own way and chucking the toys out the pram.

That the press treats it otherwise says a lot about them.

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