The Ibrox Club Is To Be Commended For Its Response To The Kyogo Racists.

Image for The Ibrox Club Is To Be Commended For Its Response To The Kyogo Racists.

Well, credit where it is due.

I wrote earlier that the club from Ibrox needed to make a clear, unambiguous statement in condemnation of that disgusting racist incident yesterday and they have done exactly that.

They’ve identified those in the video, they have expelled them from Ibrox and they have banned the supporters bus in question from receiving any more tickets.

It is a fulsome response, an aggressive and forceful response and is worthy of praise.

When that club behaves abysmally it will get criticism.

When it behaves responsibly it will get credit for having done so.

In this, they have leeched some of the poison out of the game at the weekend by putting their fans on notice that stuff like this will draw the severest sanction.

I’m not even going into other issues here, today there’s this issue and the way they’ve dealt with it and it hardly goes without saying that they’ve done it right.

On the surface of it, this was an easy decision to make and in many ways it could be argued that they were forced to it by the torrent of negative publicity the incident generated but if this response gets even a thimbleful of the poison out of the stands at the weekend then something good has come out of this vile incident and we should all be happy with that.

It doesn’t matter to me what the club’s motivations are in dealing with this as robustly as it has; the message it sends out is the same, and how they arrived at the decision couldn’t be less important.

All that matters is that the guilty have been punished in the harshest possible manner and that a little sanity has been resorted and a little justice done.

This does not make them paragons of virtue. They aren’t.

It doesn’t erase their myriad other problems or excuse their repeated shocking behaviours on other fronts.

It’s a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction and this is how progress is made … one step at a time.

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  • Charlie dee says:

    Glad to see action against these vile cretins let’s hope it sets the scene for a great game on. Sunday devoid of any trouble or bigotry.The people at the game must show the trouble makers they are not welcome.

  • John mcghee says:

    No danger have they found they fans already not unless some other sevco fans have grassed them up so sevco have banned the hole lot on the bus i dont believe it honest because that club are just as bad as their fans dirty racist scumbags nae wonder no one likes them scum newco and scum fans.

  • Bob mcintyre says:

    What on average 52 or so on a coach.. how many of their nasty poisonous .vile biggoted supporters.are still at large..all will be evident on Sunday.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    This Sunday the first racist chant or anti catholic song the Celtic team should walk off the pitch and refuse to play and hopefully the Rangers players do the same ,sick of these clowns year after year with this filth.

  • PadroPez says:

    Did they apologise? Absolutely not. No credit due, they’re more concerned with the £ damage to their credibility than what is actually right.

    • Brian McNally says:

      Agree with your take, James, on the Ibrox club’s swift response to the shameful racist abuse directed at Kyogo.
      But I do hope it’s more than simply a PR exercise. They knew before lockdown Ibrox was just one more racist/sectarian incident away from a full stadium closure and a fine.
      An apology to Kyogo from Gerrard on behalf of his club would send a message, following Celtic’s backing for Kamara, that racism won’t be tolerated.

  • Franky b says:

    Wait till Sunday and we will see bgotry at its most generous it will be total hated

  • C says:

    Got up n Mrs was listening to the radio, on comes news bulletin and mentions guys singing racist songs on a bus from EK but the guy said You cannot post any of that stuff online as it looks bad on the sevco football team…. To me he was trying to justify his thoughts on Not getting the team a bad name Never Mind Condemning anything of a racist nature… So they choose what is racism to their own player(s) but when it comes to everybody else then anything goes, well am sorry but that is just Not On in any Country Worldwide… How will the Scottish Government React? How will Uefa react to even more racist abuse coming from sevco fans that are still living in the dark ages… Will Uefa be dragging their knuckles again Instead of hammering their Football team with a massive fine and a severe restriction on any of their fans attending games as the Sweet Feck All Association Will do nothing again and are hoping that it all blows over and Sevco supporting media report nothing further as well thinking that we will forget…

  • John Maher says:

    Hi James, check out the meaning of ” indefinite” ban. They could be back in their bigot dome in a couple of weeks. Sine die is much more appropriate if they are against racism which we know they are not! Hail Hail

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