As Our Japanese Bhoy’s Abusers Are Charged, Why Are Some In Football Still Silent?

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Two of the scumbags who sang a racist song about our new bhoy Kyogo have been charged under legislation designed to thwart hate crimes. It is a fitting punishment for them, and it is to be hoped that further charges follow.

Back when the Offensive Behaviour At Football Act was passed, many of us argued that there was no need for it because the police and the procurator fiscals office was already armed with sufficient power to charge anyone responsible for racist behaviour.

Even basic sectarianism – anti-religious prejudice – is covered under hate crimes laws.

The thing with them is that they are rarely used, and they should be.

They should be used to go after everyone who engages in this sort of disgusting behaviour, either online or elsewhere. It is good that the full force of the law is being brought to bear here.

There has been a lot of comment on this issue since it arose, but I thought Ange’s take on this was the best; there is no need, or there should be no need, to educate people on this stuff anymore.

Everyone knows right from wrong, everyone knows what’s acceptable and what isn’t, and yet for all that we have a manager in the SPFL right now who has more or less done what these guys did and he was subsequently hired by the SFA.

That organisation cannot be taken seriously after having done that, which might explain why they are yet to utter a single word in defence of our player.

You know who else didn’t make a statement in his defence or on his behalf?

PFA Scotland, the player’s union.

Their Twitter feed hasn’t even been updated since 4 August.

Their website news section is still filled with last season’s player of the year awards stuff, and their statement supporting Glen Kamara. On none of their official channels can you find a word about Kyogo.

How can it be that the two organisations who should have been in front of this can be so silent on the matter?

We know that the whole of Civic Scotland was up in arms over what happened to Kamara; why is this being treated in a different way?

Celtic should be asking these organisations for answers.

We have done everything right here, but the player was entitled to better support from outside the club.

Police Scotland take this seriously … so why aren’t some in football doing the same?

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  • The Great God Pan says:

    We all know the reasons why the Ibrox club get preferential treatment. It is impregnated in the Scottish Establishment and the Tory party, who use it for their own ends.
    Interestingly, it has become world news recently and the authorities have begun to realise how poorly Scottish society is now seen with regard to such biased behaviour from many who support The Rangers, either as their first club, or in addition to their local club. This includes much of the media. Bad behaviour follows this club wherever it goes, yet is rarely condemned. This time it has been condemned because it it realised that the rest of the world, eg., such as Japan, Greece, France, Germany etc are commenting and Scotland is being shown in a bad light. It is the old case of the schoolboy saying sorry, but only when he gets caught.
    As Ange has pointed out, the important thing is to be a decent human being. This means everyone and we all should work on this principle.

  • JimboH says:

    As long as our Board, in their so called wisdom, ignore the taunts and partisan commenting delivered daily by the Scottish Red Tapps, Broadsheets, Radio & Television, Privately controlled or funded by the State, then it will continue. Even one of our Directors is a contributor to a Broadsheet that is not renowned for its impartiality on these issues.

    The Racist, bigoted scum, represented in all walks of Scottish society feel emboldened under their ‘wee arra Peepul’ umbrella. They are brought up to think this behaviour is normal and this is reinforced by a Social and Legal system that does not call them out, chastise, shame or punish them. The main reason being that many at the top level of our society condone this behaviour.

    Look at our Legal and Policing professions, a sizeable proportion, of whom many are Public Servants, agree with these arcane beliefs and in many instances are front and centre in instigating and acting with racist and bigoted motives when carrying out their duties. It will take a generational Crusade to eradicate it from our Society if ever.

  • Brian says:

    And that sir! Is why I have gave up my season ticket the silence from our club on many issues is utterly despicable.

  • Thomas cochrane says:

    The top of the house at Celtic Park ought to be included in this critique they have sat on their hands for years saying nothing about any of the organisations mentioned, the only thing it seem to matter to them is the so called “blue pound” The fiveway agreement seems to have a hold over them and since the 2012 the whole situation has gotten so much worse………their silence, is in many peoples opinion absolutely deafening.

  • SSMPM says:

    I agree with all of the previous comments and aye we all know why its allowed. These organisations including Kick it Out, Black Lives Matters, Sky, BBC, etc, claim to be against all forms of discrimination but are often silent particularly when it comes to the behaviour of the rankers. They talk the talk but actions count louder than words. Players associations, SPFL, SFA, are not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. HH

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