Celtic Are Finally Moving Towards A Resolution On The Striker Issue.

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In my view, the deal for the Greek striker should have been done already and this guy paraded at Celtic Park.

Whatever the delay is, we’ve wasted more time and the manager wanted this guy in to enhance the squad.

The suspicion that we’re waiting to sell first continues to niggle away at even those of us who hear what Ange is saying and understand it just fine.

Anthony Joseph of Sky says we’re closing in on this deal … I hope he’s correct.

We will all feel better once the guy is in the door.

I am not bothered by today’s rumours that Leigh Griffiths is wanted by Dundee. Let him go.

He’s got nothing to offer us this season anyway, and the stands will reverberate to the booing if he steps foot on the park in a Celtic strip. I’m not saying I agree with that, I’m just acknowledging the fact of it, as we all have to do, as the club has to do.

But we have Kyogo and Ajeti if these two go.

The Greek should be in already.

Even if he was, it means we’d still need another forward just to get back to where we are right now, with four of them competing for places.

I think it’s increasingly likely that the two of them will go.

Which does mean we need to move our backsides and get some business done in the positive sense.

The rumours about Eddie today are not unexpected; I think the club has probably made it clear that Eddie wasn’t going anywhere until after our Europa League fate had been decided.

So now the offers will materialise. I expect more than Bordeaux and Zenit to be in the bidding.

The offers on the table today, little over £15 million, are pretty insulting, but that money could aid us in bringing in the two strikers we need and so we need to consider whether the certainty of getting nothing in the summer is something we can accept.

The clock itself dictates that we’re nearing the endgame.

On Tuesday the window slams shut.

Our plans need to be way down the line here, and ready to execute.

We know that Nisbet is on the list.

But it would be reasonable to suspect that the club has other options in mind as well. I think they probably do.

The uncertainty over Christie is another factor we could have done without; I reckon the club has options in mind there as well, but it all has to start moving quickly, and after Sunday it will.

The club will be better placed to move on when these issues are settled.

The uncertainty is still holding us back a little. We have big decisions to make … but I think they will be the right ones for the club. In the meantime, I hope the club is busy behind the scenes.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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