Celtic Fans Should Expect No Tickets At Ibrox If The Home Club Can Get Away With It.

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This afternoon I was amused to read a story that Celtic fans might be denied tickets for the coming game at Ibrox.

It is not even slightly surprising to read that.

The only shock is that it hasn’t yet been made official.

Because their club is a spiteful one.

They have already severely cut the Celtic fans allocation to the ground. If there is a way that they can squeeze through the regulations guaranteeing us tickets they will take it.

If they can limit those tickets to a mere handful they will take that instead.

The idea that we were ever going to get even the reduced allocation of the past few years was for the birds. I never expected it and I don’t expect it now. Their club is behaving abysmally on all fronts.

They plan to hold their “flag day” prior to that game although they could have held it a fortnight ago as is the tradition for the first game of a new season.

Their entire outlook right now is hyper-aggressive and arrogant.

They will do everything they can to limit the number of our fans who get into their ground and anyone who doesn’t expect that hasn’t been paying attention.

Celtic must have a plan to respond in kind, and I’m sure it is being thought about.

Forget the moral high ground; their board operates in the gutter and on certain matters they deserve to be engaged there. The press will say we’re being petty, but the media has taken their side at every stage of the battle over the allocations and that won’t change now.

Ever since this crisis began, the club across the city has sought every opportunity it could to exploit it.

Do not be surprised if turns out to be another example of that.

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