Celtic Must Be Ready To Pounce As Scandal And Fury Engulfs Our Rivals.

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All of Scottish football is united, at the moment, in a desire to see Ibrox humiliated and that club pulled off their throne.

Never before has there been such widespread disgust at one club through the whole of the sport. Even the media – save for those who are slavish followers – are appalled at the club and its high-handed, arrogant attitude.

The perfect storm is gathering here, and Celtic only has to take advantage.

Every club is shocked at the way they are apparently hell-bent on destroying a hard won commercial contract. Nobody can believe that they would be so reckless and vindictive and heedless to he effects on everyone else.

The press is reeling from the scandalous imposition of a £25,000 demand for access to basic press conferences.

They are spouting nonsense conspiracy theories about the government which lent them millions during that crisis.

The club has cancelled its flag day so that it can hold it against Celtic.

There are hard questions being asked about their adherence to COVID protocols.

This last one should be the subject of an article all on its own, but for once the mainstream press seems to want answers after John Lundstram appeared to give something major away on that front at the weekend. Their club is at the centre of one Hell of a storm, a backlash of mammoth proportions coming from every direction at once.

Their idiotic fans love it, talking nonsense about “siege mentalities” and all manner of similar garbage without actually understanding what they are talking about.

Their club is provoking the siege, not capitalising on it to rally the troops.

They are striking out in every direction, apparently not recognising that this forces everyone else to strike back. Our rivals are engaged in a suicidal course of action.

And all we have to do is sit and watch, and be ready.

Every other club will do everything it can to take points off of them. A battle with the SPFL where everybody is arrayed against them weakens their power and influence off the field.

The one thing the media is good at is dishing out payback when they are insulted or offended; Keith Jackson’s venomous broadside against the club this morning was the tip of the iceberg.

The anger amongst the press corps is widespread. Some of them would love to see the club taken down a peg or two, beaten into humiliating retreat on this and a number of other fronts.

Celtic hasn’t suddenly found new friends where we had none, and Ibrox will certainly not lose its traditional cheerleading section amongst the media, but this is a time for watching events unfold and then taking advantage in the aftermath.

Notice that as Ibrox bans the media we’ve refitted the press boxes. Notice too our total silence on the SPFL sponsorship row, but also our making sure that the cinch stuff is prominently on display.

It’s a good time to forge alliances. It’s a good time to be reminding people that even during our Quadruple Treble years we never acted this way, never threw our weight about.

It helps too that Lawwell, who some did find very cold and aloof, has gone and been replaced by the much friendlier, more personable and strategically canny McKay. Don’t underestimate that. Don’t underestimate the possibilities of this moment.

It is good time to be seen as smart, honest, credible and ready to offer the hand of friendship.

They say that you should never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

At Ibrox they are doing just fine.

Until the moment is right, we need only stay out of the way.

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