Celtic Will Not Fall For Rival “Mind Games” Whatever It’s Deluded Fans Think.

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One of our rivals’ sophomoric fan publications this morning did a piece about how they are already ahead of us in the “mind games” war for the weekend. This is because of the “uncertainty” over who in their squad will be available for the game.

This is such a brilliant, impossible to conceive of strategy that this website wrote about it yesterday. It is so top secret that their assistant manager has already broadcast it in both his pre and post-match interviews with the media after their Europa League game.

They will field an almost full-strength team. It is obvious. It was never in the least doubt. McAllister’s initial press conference was so transparent about this that anyone at Celtic still expecting to face a team without a number of key players hasn’t been paying attention.

But of course, everyone at Celtic has been paying attention.

“Celtic won’t be able to prepare for the (game) in the same manner to which they normally would,” their clownish editorial reads. Oh really? What if we just, you know, prepare as if there’s nothing wrong over there, anticipate facing the best they’ve got and plan for that? As I’m sure is exactly what we’re doing. Won’t facing a weakened team, if that happens, take care of itself?

It’s rather like a battlefield commander bringing full artillery and air support to bear. If it turns out you’re facing well prepared enemy positions, then you have the tools to get the job done. If it turns out you’re facing starving reservists without a roof over their heads, then it’s going to be a short battle indeed.

Only Peepul who are absolutely stone stupid could believe that there is any “mind games” advantage to be had with this little health crisis charade of theirs, but then Mensa never will be battered their doors down.

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  • SSMPM says:

    We don’t need to listen to them, the only ones that believe the nonsense coming out of Liebrox are either their deluded skank racist fans or a Scottish newspaper journalist. We don’t need to play or respond to their silly games, just play our own way and that should be good enough.
    Why do we respond to them at all. By saying the right or decent thing doesn’t mean they have decency to appeal to. Its all an act. I’ve heard many comments from Celts over the last few days saying we should commend them for the actions against a bus load of racists. Commend them? They’re simply playing the press/media. Listen to the bile coming from their about to fall down stands. As a club, as Celtic bloggers, as fans, we should be shunning them on every occasion. If there ever was decency it ceased to exist in 2012. HH

  • Cairncross says:

    I agree with everything SSMPM said there.
    Sevco are nothing but a ”Second Entity of a Very Corrupt Organisation”
    Add purveyors of rac ism to that as well.
    I hope we destroy them on Sunday.

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