Celtic’s Edouard Fee Makes Mugs Out Of Media Outlets Which Hire Idiots Like Adam.

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Another day, another eight figure transfer fee for a Celtic player. We long since got used to this, and if I were a bean counter instead of a football fan I’d have their pictures up on my wall. As it is, my only concern today is that Celtic spends the money and we’ve left that late to do. I’ll get to that in another piece. For now, let’s talk about the media.

The media does like an anti-Celtic scare story. We had left it “too late” to sell Ajer. Yet he is gone and the big bucks were deposited in the bank. Christie would depart leaving us with nothing, yet the truth is that he’ll net us a fee that whilst modest will probably be well in excess of what we paid for him, and he gave us good service right up to the end.

On Edouard the nonsense has been constant, peaking in two types of stories; the first that he would see his contract out and leave for free (a possibility I nevertheless argued might have an upside) and the other which said that his sky-high wage demands or Celtic’s massive fee would achieve the same thing; us stuck with a moody player for whom we’d get nothing.

Which brings us to Charlie Adam and the other village idiot school rejects who nonsensically claimed that he wasn’t worth eight figures and we’d be lucky to get half of that anyway. These guys didn’t even attempt objective analysis.

They paid no heed to Celtic’s credibility in the arena of player development or to Edouard’s exploits with the French Under 21 team, one of the true proving grounds of football talent in Europe. These are critical factors in our ability to get big fees.

This complete failure on the part of these folk revealed two things; their pig ignorance of how football actually works and their embarrassing lack of objectivity. Their allegiances are known, and that’s where most of the nonsense they come up with has its roots.

I refuse to criticise them for being idiots.

We know what they are.

We know their shameless partisan outlook makes it impossible for them to offer any kind of neutral opinion on our club, even if they were smart enough even to try it.

The people who deserve the stick are those who continue to pay these people for talking this tripe.

At a time when the media itself is scrambling, and the rise of the bloggers has proved that there is more intelligent writing out there than ever before major outlets continue to employ people who are hideously stupid and shamelessly biased.

And that’s on them.

Christ, if I was Adam faced with life after football and the prospect of trying to find honest work with a sub-room temperature IQ and someone offered me money for talking garbage I’d jump at as well. The problem is with the people signing the cheques.

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  • Peter cassidy says:

    Just one of many celtic haters and a halfwit and these people get paid to write this bull$hit or maybe the look at pictures on the paper can’t see them writing it to many hard words to spell.

  • Pat H says:

    Yes he has gone for a fair price, but like most players today their value not does merit their personal matrix, with core values of honesty, professionalism, and commitment to their craft and to those who pay their wages and spend hard earned cash on shirts and caps bearing their names, these elements have no place with the modern player its all about the “me” only those few honest players that stay with the club such Brown, Forest and McGregor (so far) merit the term Legend and should join those other legends on a Legend Wall, with a star next to their name. So fair well Eddy good luck and thank you alas you have to live with yourself.

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