Celtic’s “Revenue Neutral Re-Build” Will Look Miraculous If We Win Tomorrow.

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Tomorrow, Project Ange rolls into Ibrox and as it does so Celtic fans are far more optimistic about the outcome than many would have thought was even possible.

The team has been playing brilliantly, showing the right combination of grit and heart and quality football. We always look like scoring goals. We just need to tighten up at the back a bit.

Critical to this has been the way the new signings have bedded down in the team, with Kyogo and Abada central to the excellent work we’ve done. Key areas of the team, which have been short of quality for a while now, suddenly look to have an abundance of it.

Whilst there is still work to do before Tuesday’s deadline, it’s clear that we are way ahead of where our critics – and our enemies – thought that we’d be.

One of the reasons for their dismissal of our rebuilding effort before it had even begun was that they thought, wrongly, that we had no money to spend.

But this blog did an analysis, before Ange even had the gig, when most still thought Howe would be boss, of our cash situation and what the likely transfer kitty was going to be. It seemed obvious we’d have plenty.

But our critics and enemies simply refused to accept that.

They had made up their minds that Celtic was a club on its knees and they were determined not to budge from that position, no matter how much evidence to the contrary started piling up.

If we win tomorrow, then not a soul, no matter how much they might want to, will be left in the slightest doubt that we are genuine title contenders, if not the favourites to secure the flag.

When you consider we have a Croatian international right back to come into the side, last season’s top scorer in Holland on his way and perhaps others coming in, this side starts to look very formidable even in the likely event that we lose Odsonne Edouard.

The most incredible thing is that the rebuild looks good to be completed with a surplus in the bank.

In short, if Eddie goes we’re going to have brought in more than we’ve spent even if there’s a last minute splurge adding a couple more players to the team.

If we have managed to rebuild the squad into something leaner, better and more dangerous, one that’s qualified for the Europa League Groups and shown itself capable of challenging hard for the league title, and we’ve done this whilst making a profit it will be the final proof that the fundamentals of this club are far stronger than those at the one across town.

It is also a credit to Ange, who has looked over this squad and made the critical decisions which have got us here.

The improvement in the players already at the club is one of the reasons we’re presently looking a better bet than in the last campaign.

But a revenue neutral rebuild which leaves us better off?

That was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and most flighty expectations.

If it comes off, we could emerge from this stronger than we went into the first lockdown.

Imagine that, folks.

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  • Peter cassidy says:

    There is plenty in the kitty for players around £30mil from sales plus if Eddie goes min £15 mil plenty left plus champions leauge games plus europa games to date record st sales, regarding game tomorrow just don’t get beat long way to go this year and we still ned a proper centre half.

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