Clownish Boyd’s Latest Attack On Celtic Sums Up His Bile Spattered Brainlessness.

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There are “journalists” who say things that are so obviously stupid that you wonder if they’ve done it just to get a reaction.

Indeed, there are some who say “controversial” stuff for that very purpose, but they rarely argue on the side of the truly braindead.

Their interventions are calculated. You can tell them apart from those who flap their traps and let any old nonsense spew out, those whose ignorance come across so strongly that you need a gas mask to blot out the stink of it.

Kris Boyd is one of those guys, of course.

He is a brainless dolt, someone at the intellectual level of pond life.

I have never heard an intelligent, original thought come out of his mouth.

He’s the kind of person who probably still wonders what would happen if he plugged a knitting needle into an electrical socket.

When you mix this level of stupidity with unconstrained bias it’s never a good look.

Today was one of those examples of him running off at the mouth and letting the bile vomit forth.

Every word he said in the aftermath of that game was triumphalist and pig ignorant.

He slammed those who said that “Rangers” were in crisis a few weeks ago.

Although nobody, not even those of us who long to write those words, ever said any such thing.

They were certainly on the brink of it, and losing in the Europa League would have tipped them over the side in a way even losing today wouldn’t have … but that’s not the same thing.

It’s certainly not a sentiment I read anywhere in the mainstream media.

What Boyd is objecting to is that they were being asked questions.

That their air of so-called invincibility had been stripped away.

They lost three games in a row, two of them in massive Champions League games, one of which they played for most of the match against ten men.

Their performances against the Armenia’s were dreadful.

Apparently nobody was meant to talk about any of that, either then or now.

It is Celtic, according to Boyd, who are in crisis.

We, after all have “lost two games out of four in the league.”

Which is true, but which misses the point, not that he ever understood the point or wanted to.

The Celtic fans know this team is a work in progress.

The manager has said it a hundred times and we are totally on board with his vision.

Anyone can see the giant strides that had been made up until today.

If we needed to take heart – and I don’t, it’s a bad result but that’s all – we would do so from the defensive display just on its own.

The manager explained the one apparently strange tactical decision; an enforced one because James Forrest wasn’t fit and we lacked someone to play out wide.

We are, even now, working to put it right.

Nobody in the Celtic support thinks this is a point of crisis or anything like it.

Any halfway decent analyst would have looked at the two clubs and how they’ve started the season and based his or her conclusion on which side has improved and which side hasn’t. The last time we went to that hellhole of a ground we lost 4-1 without laying a glove on them.

That wasn’t only a closer game today, but one in which we dominated in spells.

The SPL victories came alongside a comfortable two legs against Jablonec and knocking a top Dutch side out of the Europa League, and on top of that a League Cup win against Hearts where we played them off the park for long spells in the game.

Celtic fans weren’t getting carried away over a couple of results; we were inspired by a night-and-day improvement in the team’s performances and our overall attitude. Those are the reasons why none of us are acting like hysterical children today over the loss.

I keep on saying this; the league table doesn’t lie, but it sometimes exaggerates.

There are three points in this, not 30 … and a long way to go.

Boyd lacks the two things necessary to be a decent analyst; intelligence and objectivity.

He is nakedly partisan and colossally thick.

Sky embarrasses itself every time they have him on.

It is dumbing down writ large.

t is an insult to their audience.

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  • John brattesani says:

    The bloke is an absolute idiot maybe his mum need
    S to take him to the toilet ,as all the shite comes from his arse.

  • Bonnar says:

    We are the best team they have faced ALL season. They aren’t the best we have faced as that was Alkmaar. A decent game again today that could have gone any way . We continue to rebuild and will improve. That’s for certain

  • Brian says:

    Am I the only one who thinks we should have had a penalty when kyogo was brought down by mcroory oh and we are 4 points behind after 4 games

  • SSMPM says:

    The blob is, in my view, an out and out anti Catholic/Irish bigot/racist and the shame lies with sky for promoting him. He really struggles to hide his hatred. What part of ‘kick it out’ – ‘against all forms of discrimination’ don’t they get.
    When the blob was in the dressing room as a player we all know what songs he, McCoist, etc, were singing. Why some bloggers, fans search for decency in them I do not know. They hate us. We need to be on our own side, not theirs.

    I’m afraid Brian the only consistency we’ll see this season is the referees. HH

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