Dundee’s Idiot Midfielder Should Leave Celtic Out Of His Bizarre SPFL Exortion Scheme.

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It is theorised that we live in a universe of infinite possibilities, and realities that run parallel to our own.

In one of those universes Charlie Adam got himself a slightly better education and never became a footballer.

He went into journalism instead and graduated into politics shortly thereafter.

In that universe he becomes a national leader.

If that world sounds ridiculous that’s probably because it would be a dystopian nightmare, a lawless Hellscape where anything goes and where the only responsibility of leadership is to pretend it exists after the fact.

In this universe, bullies run everything, there are no rules and regulations which last longer than five minutes and hostage takers aren’t just negotiated with but given everything they ask for.

And so the whole society hovers on the brink of collapse.

We know this because it’s what Charlie Adam would turn Scottish football into; a place where force is all that’s respected and the willingness to degrade and defeat all comers in every sphere is all that truly matters.

His “suggestion” as to how the SPFL “fixes” its latest Ibrox problem is repugnant; to buy Ibrox off with other club’s money.

That it would punish, for no reason, the club he currently plays for is something that perhaps its directors need to have a word with him about.

I cannot imagine that they are impressed by this grandstanding on Ibrox’s behalf.

I would imagine they are equally aghast that the media treated this as if it was a serious proposal that needed to be looked at instead of a gratuitous insult to all in the game, conjured up in the mind of a halfwit and not even fit for the bin.

All across this country, directors and chairmen must have been astonished this morning to see the papers where this moronic suggestion was being treated seriously.

This site might be called The CelticBlog but it’s always been a misleading name, because what we do here is write about the whole spectrum of Scottish football, but from the perspective of the Celtic fans.

So this article would have been written anyway – some version of it – because this stuff involves us too.

But Adam actually directly dragged our name into it, which was even stupider than the suggestion itself.

Adam did this by suggesting that we get the same extra portion as Ibrox, also taken off the other clubs.

Whatever fantasy world he’s living in, he really should have left us the Hell out of it because this is pure gangsterism and Celtic is not a club which involves itself in this kind of outright extortion.

I can tell you right now, Celtic wants no part of this scheme or whatever the Hell it is that Ibrox is trying to run this time around.

This is one club, again, trying to bend the rest of the game to do what it wants and dance to its tune, and the whole of Scottish football should be united in righteous condemnation of their abysmal behaviour.

Celtic has long known that the Ibrox operation is run by egotistical goons.

They, and the rest of Scottish football, have been way too tolerant of that … this time things are different, because there’s money involved and the possibility of major sponsors walking away is very real.

Clubs are scared, and in the main they are speaking with one voice on this.

But always there are people like Adam, with no loyalty to the clubs they are presently at, but who’s only allegiance is to the team across the city, no matter how recklessly its leadership is behaving.

Them and a media which doesn’t just dance to the Ibrox song, but now even pays them for the privilege.

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