For Dominic McKay And The Celtic Board, It’s All About The Next 48 Hours.

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I have no fears about what Celtic’s football operation will do in the next 48 hours.

They will regroup. They will refocus.

They will analyse what went wrong.

At least one of the answers is already known to the manager, and he has identified the solution.

Those who are calling his decision to start Kyogo wide “a mistake” clearly aren’t listening; he knew it was the least bad option he had, but at no point did he make the decision with other than misgivings.

It’s difficult to see which other choice he had.

When a man is forced to do something he would not otherwise do that doesn’t count as a mistake.

What would really be a mistake is if the Celtic board didn’t help him so that such things aren’t to be repeated.

He has identified the left hand side as a problem issue, or at least he’s identified that if Kyogo isn’t playing through the middle that Eddie isn’t the answer.

That’s why we’re going for the Greek. That’s why we’re going for Jota.

Those deals appear to be done, and let’s be fair, if they both are then that proves again that the board is backing the manager.

We can’t deny that they have so far.

That they’ve spent money whilst also making money is not a crime for which they should be executed.

It’s smart strategy.

If we emerge stronger – as looks likely – it will be a job well done.

But that job might not end with those two players.

The manager isn’t daft.

He knows where this team needs a little bit more.

He has made it clear that if Edouard goes he’ll still want a little more in the forward position.

He probably wants another centre back.

I think he certainly sees the need for greater options in the middle of the park.

Do we need another left back? It’s tempting to say yes.

Will we get players for every position he wants?

Probably not, but I think we’ll be damned close.

When this window shuts our starting eleven will bear no resemblance to the one from last season; it’s not impossible that we could start our next game with eight players, signed in this window, in the line-up and another couple on the bench.

Which would be a major turn-around and a credit to all involved.

There are critical decision to be made here.

The one consolation is that the manager seems to know what they are, and the board has thus far backed him every step of the way, although some of the deals have taken longer than they might.

Dominic McKay and the rest have to keep on delivering.

They have to deliver right up to the moment the window shuts at midnight on Tuesday.

For all that’s happened in the rebuild so far, these are the critical 48 hours, the hours in which reputations are made.

Get this right, and the manager and the team will have more than a fighting chance.

We have the right guy at the helm.

If we give him the right tools he will make something great with them.

That’s now in the hands of those who hold the purse strings.

They cannot, they must not, let the manager do.

Brace yourselves, folks, for a whirlwind couple of days.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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  • John mac says:

    Ange made a massive mistake with kyogo out wide , Christie could have played there , I think he was scared of being over run in midfield, that’s why he changed , but we played to their strengths instead of ours , which shows fear

  • Tommy says:

    Maybe sign someone over 5’5″ would be a start.

  • bob buc says:

    i’m afraid we all knew within the first ten that it was a mistake , and the fact that it took him and bump on the log 1 and bump 2 to not see that is scary , he needs more skilled and astute advisors at his side , the other two will cost him his job

  • Dora says:

    What a klub eh?
    Skummiest klub bar none….small face parks should b blanked…WTF!!??
    Wangers=skum skum skum!!!!

  • TED says:

    Dora means Rangers when she says Wangers

  • Mark B says:

    We could solve left side forward by moving McGregor there, he played brilliantly there for Rodgers. Even Delia played him more advanced. We have forest and Labada can play on the wing. So yes we can strengthen there but…main thing we need is a a centre half and a left back. Also worried about McCartthy, if he is not fit a defensive midfielder as Soro is nowhere need good enough to replace Brown. I love McGregor but he is a liability near his own box and its spoiling a wonderful player paying him there.

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