Hilarious Record Report Tries To Steal Some Of Kyogo And Celtic’s Japanese Thunder.

Image for Hilarious Record Report Tries To Steal Some Of Kyogo And Celtic’s Japanese Thunder.

The Daily Record has outdone itself today in a stunning example of not being able to see Celtic get praise without trying to horn their favourite club in somewhere.

It is so bad that it’s hilarious. It is so blatant that it is jaw-dropping.

The news that Japanese TV firms have grabbed up the game at the weekend is hardly a shock. Interest in our league has spiked recently.

I wonder why? An international from their own doorstep, exploding onto the scene, and a manager who had won their national title and who has huge respect for all their customs and institutions, right? Has to be.

But The Record thinks this is The Steven Gerrard Effect as well.

Because Liverpool are popular in Asia.

If you’re already starting to laugh at the obvious flaws in this dire piece, then you aren’t alone.

Gerrard hasn’t been a Liverpool player for 16 years.

If this guy was such a draw, why haven’t these companies being scrambling to show Ibrox games before now?

Kyogo has captured our attention, yes, but he’s also sparked the big interest over there. Ange has too, and his comments the other day on how welcome he was made to feel in Japan, and how good was his time there, means that he’s remembered warmly there.

We have become a draw over there, and so it’s pretty obvious that Celtic is where the interest in and it’s pretty obvious why.

But rather than admit what is absolutely apparent and not in the least dispute, The Record has tried to re-invent this as the Gerrard Show.

Honestly, this is why we view our press corps with such utter contempt.

This is a ridiculous attempt by a bog-standard third-rate writer to make a positive story for the other late out of something that is not just overwhelmingly about Celtic but completely about us.

You could not make this up. This lot have no shame whatsoever.

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  • Liz says:

    Oh,my sides are aching ,typical garbage by the Daily Rangers

  • Matthew says:

    16 years? That went by quicky

  • sfathenadirofchiftiness says:

    Quelle Surprise,
    Rid Tapp Rag the Dilly Rectum in Snake Mountain Fanmail puff piece,
    disses Celtic and Brown Noses Mr Gerrard’s Galacticos.

    In other news the Sun, no, not that one, rose again this morning confounding
    the SMSM’s environment hacks.
    Chief Manure Spreader, Keef Jackass was quoted as saying “ it defies logic, all the ‘aff the radar’ data pointed to an eclipse based on The Michtie Ranjerks heroic away draw / win thingy, in some far away, foreign place full of thum, you know, Mussolini, taig furriners. Shurely the Universe would turn upside doon in recognition and praise for the Champions of Prod, eh, Proddy, um, Prodes, err, no kafflik Scotlandshire.’

    See it’s dead easy to write push. Ra Scoddish Mhedjia huv bin daein it fur years.
    Saor Alba.

  • SSMPM says:

    All we have to do is play our own game. We do our talking on the pitch and then we’ll celebrate.

    Rankers are like all unionists in positions of influence, they lie all the time and the zombie’s follow. They live the lie cause that’s the only life they’ve got. HH

  • Deano says:

    Pretty sure Slippy slipping was only 7 years ago…

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