Is Tomorrow Eddie’s Last Appearance At Celtic Park? It Feels Like It Might Be.

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Events off the field continue to move forward at Celtic, with reports from England suggested that the big sale most of us have been waiting for and expecting for a while might be on the brink in the coming week.

With the Jablonec tie as good as secure and with the need to think forward obvious to all, we really do require a solution to the problem of Edouard.

The report that two clubs – Brighton and Southampton – are prioritising his signing and are willing to pay Celtic £20 million is what we’d all been waiting for. The club should be preparing already for what they are going to spend it on.

Talk to clubs, agree fees for players and prepare to push the button the second the deal is actually done.

It is imminent. Our plans should be way ahead of any sale.

Ironically, the reports suggest that Edouard himself may be the hold-up, that he wants some ridiculous salary.

Well, if he was playing better then maybe he’d get it, but even clubs in England are balking at some of the lunatic transfer fees and wage demands of footballers at the moment … it’s why perhaps only one club – City – could afford a Grealish or a Kane.

Eddie will more than triple his Celtic Park salary.

If he proves he’s worth more he’ll get it in due course.

If he has an agent whispering nonsense in his ear he needs to knock that on the head and go back to basics. A few years back he talked about his “career plan.” He needs to refocus again and accept that right now he’s probably not good enough for the elite level.

But he’s worth every penny of the money these two clubs are talking about paying. Celtic, in the midst of the big rebuild, needs him to go and we need to use the cash to sign his replacement and perhaps another quality finisher as well.

Will he play tomorrow? If he doesn’t then we’ll know for sure.

If he does I suspect it could be his farewell to Celtic Park, although there is, of course, a chance that he’ll still be here for the game in midweek.

But we’re close to the end now.

Edouard has 83 Celtic goals; there is no question that if he’d stayed for this campaign he would have joined the 100 goals club. It is a shame that he won’t do it but this is for the best, that he and Celtic have this parting of the ways.

It has always been inevitable. Now it is imminent.

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