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McAvennie Is Right For Once As He Calls Out Our Rivals Over Petty Anti-Celtic Plan.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Broken Clock Day.

Frank McAvennie, who has featured many times in this blog for the sheer nonsense that comes out of his mouth, has finally landed some points on the board. It just goes to show that if you talk long enough you will eventually say something that actually makes sense.

In truth, he was shooting into an open goal with his decision to criticise the Ibrox club for proposing to hold their “Flag Day” at the end of the month when Celtic and our new manager roll into town. It is a needlessly provocative and spiteful gesture.

There was simply no need for them to schedule it so late.

This is who they are now though, a club laced through with vindictive intent and a need to remind people that they are presently on top.

What a club that is, lashing out at all around them like a drunk ned.

Amazingly, before McAvennie threw his two bob in, this story had passed almost un-commented on amongst the media, who must recognise it for the kind of act it is.

When I first heard about it, I’ll be honest; my initial inclination was to welcome it.

“Let our board sit there in their stand like hostages, watching that,” I thought. “Let them be taunted by the gleeful Ibrox board.” They certainly deserve the dishonour, which our fans, at least, will be spared as none of them will be in the ground.

I remember writing last year that if they secured the title because of our self-inflicted foolishness that they should invite Peter Lawwell or Ian Bankier to do the unveiling.

This is the next best thing for them and so there is a part of me which actually thinks this is something our directors ought to be subjected to, a day of ritualistic humiliation to remind them who and what they are up against, something that might jar their pride and force them to improvement.

There’s also a part of me that marvels at the juvenile nature of this little stunt. This is the perfect example of living rent free in somebody else’s head.

No club which ever celebrated a title put off the party until they could use it to lord over somebody else. Why would you? Isn’t a day like that about you?

They are making the day about us. Can you even imagine the mind-set it takes to do that? What goes on in their heads over there, between this and their colossal act of vandalism in trying to bring down the SPFL sponsorship deal?

Of course, there is one obvious risk to such a hubristic act; Celtic might well show up for business and spoil the party. If Malmo finish the job in the Champions League that day might come to resemble nothing so much as the one where the bricks all started falling out the wall.

It is our job to make sure that it does, and if the team needed any extra motivation they are going to get it with such a supremely arrogant spectacle.

McAvennie is correct to say how pointlessly confrontational and needlessly nasty it is, but of course those things are the very point of the exercise, that and the fact everything they do involves thinking of us in some form or other.

So let the trumpets blaze and the flags fly at full mast, because at long last that man has said something with which I agree 100%, even if I am mildly amused at what they are up to.

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