Newsquest Headline On Celtic’s UEFA Standoff Shows What We’re Up Against.

Image for Newsquest Headline On Celtic’s UEFA Standoff Shows What We’re Up Against.

You have to laugh, right?

When I posted my article earlier, on the situation with Midtjylland, I said I didn’t expect tea and sympathy from the Scottish press.

Their attitudes towards Celtic in the past – where they took the sides of Legia and Sion – have convinced me that we’ll get no support from them. Still, I’m surprised by the spin that one of the Newsquest titles has put on this.

Newsquest, you know?

Partner of several Celtic “fan media” outlets, in case that had slipped people’s minds.

The title in question is The Evening Times; I just wonder if this one will make it onto The Celtic Way and what the response will be from its subscriber base.

“Celtic foes Midtjylland fielded ineligible player against Hoops but could appeal ban decision” is the way The Times chose to report this.

We were the ones on the wrong side of the rule breaking; The Times wants us to concentrate on the injustice done to Midtjylland in losing him for last night’s game and their next five matches.


This is a mainstream Scottish title and it has chosen not to build the thrust of their piece around how the rule breaking affects the Scottish club … they are promoting Midjtylland’s argument instead!

Other outlets are talking about how Celtic could be “set to benefit”, as if we’re freeloaders at a party instead of a club which is entitled to the protection of the rules.

Celtic is yet to issue a statement on this, but as I wrote earlier the clock is ticking.

The thing to remember here is that FIFA’s committee yesterday didn’t impose a global ban on Juninho, they simply confirmed that a global ban was already in effect.

Which means, folks, that he ought not to have been on the pitch against us.

The critical problem is time, which is why we should expect something from the club today. And if we get it then we’re off to the races. Just bear in mind, we did nothing wrong.

This is a regulatory matter, it’s not about football merit or anything else, it’s a simple matter of the rules and regulations being followed.

I understand why some in Scotland are struggling with the idea.

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