Return To Celtic Park Spells A Return To Stupidity For Small Number Of Selfish Fans.

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As Celtic fans gathered in their tens of thousands for a near-full house at Celtic last night, all the focus was on the tremendous atmosphere and how good it was to have so many of our supporters gathered again to cheer on the team.

Who wanted there to be negatives?

Unfortunately, a small number of our supporters continue to be selfish beyond belief, and cursed with a kind of arrogance that has no place in our stands.

They are determined to bring their own brand of “enjoyment” to our games and nothing has so far prevented them from doing so.

They don’t care about the costs or the consequences to anyone.

Part of that is a belief that whoever else has to pay those consequences, it will not be them.

That’s the first thing that Celtic must seek to change.

Smoke bombs were in evidence last night despite the club being under severe pressure both from the local licensing authorities and UEFA on this matter.

Fines are a certainty.

Another blot in the copybook courtesy of idiots who will not learn or listen, and who’s faux justifications will cut no slack with the governing body, the police, the health and safety authorities or the club.

On top of that, we had one neddish idiot running onto the park … there’s another certain UEFA sanction coming for that, and whilst a muppet masked up and carrying a smoke bomb might have a certain anonymity amidst the mob, here there’s a named culprit who should endure every sanction the club can impose on him.

I’ve long argued that people who think this stuff is all high jinks ought to be sued by the club to recover the money we pay out in sanction.

I stand by that.

Most fans who attend matches learn how to behave, they know what is and isn’t acceptable and the actions of a handful or morons should not be allowed to put everyone else’s enjoyment in jeopardy.

Closed stands are not a theoretical threat to Celtic, they are a real and available sanction.

That sanction has been imposed on clubs before, and anyone who thinks we would not be subjected to it is an idiot.

Because it can happen and if these clowns keep this up it will happen.

Haven’t fans had enough of being locked outside of the ground?

For a tiny handful, apparently not.

They seem almost keen for it.

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