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Strachan’s Proposed Role At Celtic Seems Like A Total Waste Of Everybody’s Time.

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So let me see if I understand the updated reports here; Gordon Strachan will return to Celtic in an “advisory” capacity, for the short term, whilst also working as a pundit and working at Dundee. So short term and part time, to offer advice? On what?

According to the reports, the women’s team, the B side and the academy.

Well the last I looked the women’s team was coming on fantastically well, playing great football under a progressive coach with burning enthusiasm and great ideas.

So I’m thinking that Fran Alonso probably doesn’t need advice from a guy who was last in the dugout four years and hasn’t been at a club side in ten.

I’m sure that the guy who was forever pissing about with Celtic team selections, who frequently played players out of position and who spent much of his managerial career pioneering the long punt up the park will have some advice for the youth players who are going up against car mechanics and other part-timers but again, I wonder what practical guidance he can offer that will be a radical departure from the people already doing that job.

And youth development?

Identify for me one youth player Gordon Strachan ever developed, at any of his clubs, and you win the coconut.

Our manager, on the other hand, does have that experience, and does have that background and so the club really doesn’t need the advice of a guy whose last club job was at Middlesbrough where he had a 28% win record.

Which brings us to his absurd comments about how “genetics” are to blame for Scotland’s failures to reach major tournaments.

I just wonder what advice he can offer to a youth player who’s under 6’4 and worries he might not have the physicality to play in the men’s game.

“You’re too wee and weak, just accept it kid”?

Somebody at Celtic Park seriously thinks this is the guy to be offering that kind of advice?

To any of the people currently at the club?

“The former Scotland boss will also be on hand to offer advice should it be sought by manager Ange Postecoglou,” says the BBC report.

Aye, well if I were Strachan I wouldn’t be sitting around waiting on that call.

Because there is no way that our current manager will even entertain that idea.

If he’s not at the club full time, if he’s not got set responsibilities, if he hasn’t got a defined role or a shred of authority – “advisory” means every word he says can be ignored – then isn’t this just pointless and stupid and a waste of everybody’s time, and Celtic’s money?

Here’s a better suggestion; buy a box of fortune cookies, and stick them in a prominent place at Lennoxtown.

That way we’ll get all the same benefits, but cheaper.

Cause it sounds like we are a charity, topping up this geezer’s pension pot, whilst he brings exactly nothing to the table whatsoever. This is like a joke that’s gone on too long already.

I’ll buy that we are getting serious off the pitch when we start acting like it.

This … this is not serious.

This is ridiculous.

Who the Hell is making decisions like this at our club?

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