The Record Scoops More Gunk From The Bottom Of Its Anti-Celtic Barrel.

Image for The Record Scoops More Gunk From The Bottom Of Its Anti-Celtic Barrel.

If you believe The Record this morning, the Ibrox club has drawn first blood in its war against Celtic.

It has secured a critical psychological advantage.

How has this happened?

Because John Lundstram apparently beat Ange Postecoglou to a flat.

I am not joking. The Record wrote this trash up as an actual news story and seem to think that it has struck a blow against us.

The whole story reeks. Sources close to the Celtic manager say he looked at the flat but didn’t commit. That rings true, as he was appointing on 10 June and Lundstram signed across the city on 5 July.

So even if Ange had taken his sweet time, you’d think he’d have gotten something before Lundstram was even in Glasgow.

And doesn’t the club usually help with this stuff?

Honest to God, this is one of these times when a news story is so absurd and pathetic that I really don’t know why I’m bothering with it, except to comment on the media’s own propensity for trying to invent news rather than report it.

Even if the facts of this are on point, who gives a toss?

Does anyone really think this crap matters at all?

The Record writes this kind of garbage so frequently that I should not be surprised.

But just when you think they have scoured the bottom of the barrel clean they pull something like this out of some hacks backside and you realise it has yet unexplored depths.

The thing is, when they are resorting to this kind of thing you know they are presently out of attack lines that truly matter. They are writing about this because right now they have no other way to take a shot at us.

Earlier in the week it was Strachan’s appointment breaching SFA rules; when Celtic shot down that one you wondered what guff would be next.

This is apparently it.

Absolutely dire.

That someone was paid for this “journalism” is an insult to every struggling writer who can’t get a gig in this appalling industry of near-zero standards.

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