Celtic Finally Poised To Land Joe Hart

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Joe Hart is a great athlete and a very good asset for any football team.

Having him playing for Celtic might actually be a great move, and this is on the brink of becoming reality.

There are still a couple of obstacles to overcome but what we do know is that Hart is definitely a great goalkeeper and they are working hard to bring him to the team.

Reports suggest that the deal may even be concluded today.

Last summer, Celtic was already interested in the player because he was a free agent.

Hart chose to go to Spurs, but he didn’t really have a major presence at that team.

Right now, Celtic is in open talks and they are focused on scooping  Hart up as quickly as possible, following our Champions League exit and the opening day defeat against Hearts.

In spite of Ange’s determination to give Barkas and Bain their own opportunities, it’s pretty much accepted that Celtic has been focused on finding a good keeper for quite some time, and Hart definitely has the chops and experience to take on this role.

It’s definitely not a simple deal to get done, but the very idea that you will end up seeing him playing for Celtic is amazing to me.

A lot of fans have been pretty excited since they saw the official website explore the idea.

He is now in a race against the clock to be signed and registered for Thursday. It is inconceivable that the club will go into that game with the two present keepers still battling it out.

There were other clubs interested; Hart is too good a keeper for it to be otherwise, but Celtic is set to offer him the kind of opportunities to play and contest for honours he would not get elsewhere, and he commands the kind of name that you can be sure he isn’t coming to sit on the bench or be someone else’s deputy.

Which is why Hart likes the idea; Celtic have great plans for him.

One thing is certain, this is a major step forward for Celtic as they work to improve their roster.

The transfer season is in full swing now, and the changes Celtic are planning will shake up the team quite a bit.

But this is all for the better, and Hart will bring gravitas to a position where they’ve lacked that.

We should see a major upturn in our results once the defence has someone they can trust between the sticks.

This is one of those signings which can truly push the boundaries and ensure that Celtic will finally see real improvement, and become a true contender in this campaign.

Now all we have to do is get it over the line.

Today, please, Celtic, before this latest transfer deadline expires!

Tom Wilson is a regular contributor to this and other blogs.

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