A Few Surprises In Celtic’s Team, But We Should Accept No Moralising On The Big One.

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He’s back. Wow. I never saw that coming at all. Bolingoli makes his first start under the new boss today, at a time when most of us had written him off and thought that he was never again going to pull on a jersey for Celtic.

This is the story of the day. It’s the only one people are going to be talking about until the games are over with, and let’s face it, it is a significant surprise. He seemed to be so far outside of the reckoning that seeing him in the team is genuinely jolting.

McCarthy starts. We’ve all waited to see that. Abada is back and so is Welsh.

There is no Starfelt in the squad and Juranovic starts on the right.

The manager is shuffling his pack. There is still no place for Giakoumakis on the bench, but Scales makes it and so does Mikey Johnson. We have Ajeti playing up front with Jota and the Israeli out wide.

These are big decisions from the boss. They are interesting decisions. We will find out if they are the right decisions in due course. I can only assume we still have a few injury issues, and perhaps even a new one or two with Starfelt’s absence.

However this game goes today, it will be interesting to see how Bolingoli plays for the club. It will be interesting to see if he puts on a show. This is his opportunity to show us that he still has something to offer.

He let this club down badly with his behaviour and of that there is no doubt, but let me say what everyone already knows; if he had been a key player most of our fans would have forgiven him already.

He has paid a whopping price for his stupidity, but let nobody hand out lectures to our club when an Ibrox right back broke protocols twice and is now a media darling.

Our manager believes in second chances.

We should take a leaf out of his book.

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  • Mark B says:

    I also believe we should give him a chance. We paid 3m for him he was supposed to be Tierneys replacement. We need a left back so lets try him. I want McCarthy to be the defensive midfielder we need but worried about fitness . Let’s see how they play today. Jotalooked terrific midweek.

  • Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding says:

    No we shouldn’t.

    He’s an idiot, a dreadful footballer and he should have been horsewhipped down Kerrydale Street and papped on a bus on London Road.

    It is further proof of the lack of principles at Celtic Park.

    The guy is a total disgrace. I don’t care what the Sevco clown did. Our clown started the rot that Nicola Koresh and her cult at Wacorood took full advantage of and our season was in jeopardy before it had truly began.

    Get him to F!

  • unrepentant fenian says:

    posting this at half time n just as i feared mc carthy n rogic to slow to play together if fit montgomery should have started jota and abada yet to play a decent ball into the box alls not lost come on the celtic

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Need to get their finger out can’t go 6 points behind at this early stage in the leauge just not good enough and defence has big problems at present ange needs to get them going for the second half no more excuses .

  • Peter cassidy says:

    Ange better get this team winning again 3 defeats already all away from home in the leauge sorry not having any excuses we have a strong pool of players to play any team and livi are poor its really concerning we are not progressing as I thought a few games early we have gone backwards its going to be a tough season come on ange get your finger out honeymoon over.

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