Ange Confirms The Kyogo Injury But It Might Not Be As Bad As We Thought.

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Ange confirmed the Kyogo injury today but said that it will be three or four weeks, which means that he could be back before the end of the month.

It’s not great, as I said earlier, but it’s not a total disaster either.

When you hear a player has a knee injury you entertain all your worst fears and anticipate something that lasts far into the future.

But three or four weeks is not bad. It’s a minor injury, not a major one.

The player will probably be able to keep fit during it so there won’t be a long-term recovery period either.

That’s a huge bonus for us, and gives Kyogo a chance of seeing competitive football this month.

He has been a revelation since signing.

He is clearly an exceptional footballer and a deadly finisher.

When he was played through the middle at Ibrox you saw the fear in their defence.

His goals in Europe already mark him as a lethal player even at the highest level … we will definitely miss him for the group matches he will miss, but at this point it looks like he’ll only sit out a couple of them.

One game I’m glad he’s going to miss is the one on Livingston’s awful plastic pitch; if there’s a place where a minor injury can be exacerbated it’s on that crap surface. I really don’t know why the club haven’t come together to ban artificial pitches.

The votes to do it are there now, with not enough in the league to block it.

Kyogo will miss important games. But four of them are at home.

He might be fit for Aberdeen away.

He will certainly be fit for Motherwell and Hibs away in October.

So it’s not a disaster.

The manager’s update confirms the news, but not the worst.

Get well soon Kyogo, and we all look forward to seeing you back in the Hoops.

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