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Ange Didn’t “Walk Under A Ladder.” Celtic Needs To Sort Its Medical Team Out.

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Last night, the hacks were off and running with their latest game; second guessing the Celtic boss.

But they should have known that Ange has a reason for everything he does and when he didn’t bring on Giakoumakis for his debut they should have known better than to start waffling their nonsense about whether he had full faith in the player or not.

It turns out, as confirmed by the boss in the aftermath, that our big striker injured himself in the warm-up.

This is one of these things you literally couldn’t make up and it’s a sure sign that we’ve still got issues to resolve at our club in terms of players being fit.

No club should have this many injuries to key footballers.

No club should be losing players in the warm-up, and this has happened to us before.

Having major injury issues isn’t a new thing, this happens to us over and over and over again and the first question is “why?”

Are we scrimping on medical facilities? Is our medical team simply not up to par?

What are we doing wrong? There has to be something.

We didn’t have a head of sports science when this season started although we have one now.

The manager clearly sees that this isn’t right and is working hard to fix it, but he’ll need to have better luck than his predecessors, both of whom had to endure spells where we down to the bare bones of the squad. It points to a critical issue behind the scenes.

Even Callum, who is a machine and rarely gets injured, is out and he’s been out a couple of weeks now. Forrest has been out longer than most of us thought. Jullien has not played in over a year. Mikey Johnson was no sooner back in the squad than he too is back on the sidelines.

What is going on here?

In the meantime, the wait to see Giakoumakis in action goes on, the latest in a long list of players to find himself out of the team.

Frustrating, yes, but with it looking like Kyogo will be back shortly we may not be too put out by it.

That’s not the point.

Ange last night expressed his frustration by openly wondering if he’d walked under a ladder.

If he has then it’s the same one Lennon did before him and Rodgers before that.

I’m not terribly concerned that it will cost us points or anything, although if we get a couple more players out then that risk does become more real.

No, it’s the frustration of not being able to see what the top scorer in last season’s Dutch top flight can do in a Celtic strip.

Patience is one thing, but if it’s going to be weeks that’s another thing entirely.

When Ange gave his answer to the question last night it certainly left us in no doubt what the problem was, but it gave us a whole new set of headaches.

This is a problem that’s haunted us for too long.

It is high time we sorted it. Maybe this guy will be the one who finally does.

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  • Johnny Gallagher says:

    I have made comments previously over the last 10 years, ” Who’s been injured this week”. People would laugh however, I was serious because most thought it was just bad luck. I do not think that the players are as fit and tuned as a club the size of Celtic should be. Nobody mentioned this problem until the last 2 or 3 years when someone highlighted it. It might have been yourself however, I’m not sure! I was glad that it wasn’t only me that thought this.

  • John says:

    Don’t understand where you’re coming from with this one James. Injuries happen all the time in football to every team. Its part and parcel of the game.You just have to have a quality pool to cope with it
    Julien injured during the game trying to prevent a goal.
    Kyogo injured during game whilst on international duty.
    What can the Celtic medical staff do about that?
    James Forest- frequent visitor to treatment room regardless of who the medical staff are.
    Maybe we should stop signing players who are not ready to hit the ground running. Every year we are left short at the early crucial stage of the season

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Why is it though that its the same players over and over again,I’ve never heard of players being as constantly injured as James Forrest and as for Mikey Johnston something is not right ,this is long term in and out of the team ,mostly out.was NIR bitton not another one who is consistently injured.i understand Julian damaging his knee colliding with a post during a game but to get injured in the warm up like our new striker did ,what on earth is going on there ,I’m sure another Celtic player injured themselves in a warm up too.maybe we should introduce a pre – warm up ,warm up.

  • SSMPM says:

    I believe there is an issue and that it needs some analysis. The common link is its at our club, season after season. Is this happening to our opponents with the same regularity? We are unable to have a settled team, let alone a settled squad, and thus it does affect who gets on the pitch and whether more points get leaked. HH

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