Ange Postecoglou Is The Calm At The Centre Of The Celtic Storm.

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This weekend was a big one for the manager.

When his history at Celtic is written, I believe that he will be one of the moments people look back on as early evidence that we did one thing right in the year 2021, and it was hiring this man from a club in Japan.

I didn’t have doubts about Ange when he took over Celtic. I was entirely convinced that it was a complete disaster.

But this man has completely turned me around, and he did it early. He carried himself with confidence, but also a quiet dignity.

But it was when he laid out his football ideas that he really got me.

Seeing them coming to fruition, seeing the way his signings fit what he’s trying to do, that was even more impressive.

I grow more impressed by him every time I listen to him talk.

This weekend, the media asked him about vaccine passports, they asked him about Dom McKay, they asked him about a Green Brigade banner which had a dig at the board. They are always trying to catch this guy out, always trying to do him over … but he knows what they are doing and he has respect for the fans, his employer and yes, even the media itself.

He does not get angry, although the questions do sometimes irritate him.

But he answers every one, and he does it far better than any Celtic manager I’ve heard since Martin O’Neill and perhaps even better than he was, and O’Neill had legal training.

As those at the top of the club appear to have lost their minds, and as fans clamour for answers, as the game itself is mired in controversy and as government regulations loom, this guy is focussed on the team.

He is the pinnacle of calm, yet at the same time he’s made his points forcefully so that there are no misunderstandings as to where he stands.

This man is a genuine leader, the only one currently at Celtic Park.

I am so, so glad that this man is in the dugout.

He exudes confidence and cool, at a time when we badly need both.

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  • Neil Smith says:

    I truly believe Ange will be the person who transforms us. He will take our club forward. He will drag the board forward. DD must believe in him ? Which will help. But above all he is a fantastic person. A fabulous coach. A good man who knows a player and how football should be played. Hugely intelligent. Honest To god I’d give him complete control … First team, recruitment, staff, operations…. Hell all down to the crappy lottery. We are lucky… A fine manager, a manager who can make us great again. We are blessed… When he sorts out the away form hold on to your seats. And his media presence ? He gets it … Gets it all

  • John says:

    Agree entirely with Neil. Ange is way too smart for any of these halfwits in SMSM.I love listening to his interviews. no matter how hard they try to trip him up he just destroys them, especially that clown Kenny Mc Intyre, chief Sevco flag waver.
    We are lucky to have Ange and to all those doom and gloom merchants, tying themselves in knots about Dom Mc Kay. We will never know the full story. don’t assume only one side is at fault and get on with supporting Ange and the Bhoys.

  • Ange Baby says:


  • SSMPM says:

    There are to many doom merchants in our support. They were all having a go at the board for not getting ‘Eddie Who?’ in as manager and at Ange’s appointment, this unknown from middle earth. He’s turned out to be a gem. With him at the reigns do we even need a CEO. He leads from the front, our board should follow his lead and give him the ammunition to progress our club further. HH

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