Bobby Madden Gets Yet Another Celtic Game As A “Reward” For His “Incompetence”.

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This is what we’re up against, and at a time when there are a lot of criticisms of our club flying about it pays to be reminded of this fact.

We operate in an environment which is not exactly Celtic friendly, and you don’t have to look too far to see proof of it.

Bobby Madden has to be one of the most consistently poor referees in Europe, and he has a special talent for Honest Mistakes.

At the weekend he sent James McPake, the manager of Dundee, packing after the match after he’d failed to red card the Ibrox keeper during the game, when he was the last man and committed the foul for the penalty.

McPake says that when he demanded to know why the red card hadn’t been shown that his only answer was “you missed the penalty anyway” … which is a weird reply and technically incorrect; the goalkeeper, who shouldn’t have been on the park, saved the penalty, which is precisely why McPake was so angry about it.

Madden gets away with that level of contempt for a manager because refs in this country aren’t accountable to anyone.

They live largely unscrutinised lives. Our media’s long term insistence that they aren’t to be subjected to the same examination others in the sport are is ridiculous because it openly encourages both suspicion and corruption.

With ref’s decisions essentially being unchallengeable we’re opening a door to all manner of dodgy behaviour.

This is a common refrain from those of us who think refereeing needs a major review, but the problem is that clubs only get angry about the state of officiating when it adversely affects them and even in those circumstances people talk about a “pro Glasgow bias” when what they actually mean is one that benefits Ibrox.

Madden is clearly not a friend of Celtic. “Brother” Bobby as we call him has a long history of decisions against us which the media would describe as “inexplicable” but have all too obvious an explanation if you are really looking for one.

What’s most concerning is that he made a whopper of a blunder (if we’re calling it that) at the weekend in not sending off the Ibrox goalkeeper and has basically been rewarded for his incompetence (or something else) with the biggest game of the coming weekend; what kind of message does that send?

It sends the message that they aren’t accountable in any way, shape or form.

It sends the message that you don’t demoted, you get treats for the mistakes you make.

Celtic allows this too, because we’ve had plenty of opportunities to try and change it and we never have.

Until we do, we’re going to keep on getting what we deserve.

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  • SSMPM says:

    All Celtic can do is put in a complaint every time we deem referees decisions are wrong but it won’t change the referees bias for another club

  • kirikocho blazes says:

    So Madden it will be against Aberdeen. No surprise there! In fact, very carefully selected, if you ask me! This year, more than most, the Huns don’t want to lose the league! Gerrard’s credibility and their credibility as a football Club, plus the automatic UCL prize money on offer means they will go out to secure it; and all that that entails! Go back to when Celtic were on the cusp of being a force in UCL under BR. Aberdeen, then the strongest team after Celtic, used every dirty trick in the book to stop us. They effectively sent KT south with their strong-armed tactics and with it our hopes under BR. I’ll bet the injury keeping Cal McGregor out presently is a legacy of the brutish assault he suffered from that Hearts thug Halliday. And it happened right under the nose of Madden, the Ref. that day. A lunge from behind, catching McGregor in full flight and twisting his ankle. Madden never even saw it!

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