Celtic Finally Starts Moving In The Right Direction With A Top Class Appointment.

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For once this year, we’ve done something right. Wow.

Celtic has today appointed a new head of Sports Science, and it’s a good appointment, a top class appointment, and something we’ve been crying out for since our previous sports science head left us for RB Leipzig. Anton McElhone will do a fine job for us.

For starters, he knows Scottish football and the rigours of our game.

Let’s be honest, we play one of the worst and stupidest football calendars in Europe, with the bulk of our games coming on frozen pitches and driving rain.

The rest of the world has summer football; not us.

For reasons passing all understanding, we prefer it this way.

He has worked at numerous Scottish clubs as well as a few in England and one in the United States.

He’s held various footballing roles, including assistant manager.

But at Spurs, where he spent a decade, he’s been working on fitness.

He was one of their elite level fitness coaches, and it’s that experience, working with a world class team, which will serve him best in his new role at Celtic Park.

He will bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how, and I don’t doubt he’ll assemble a good team of people he trusts and can work with and we’ll see the improvements in our team.

We are so drastically short of backroom members and good coaches that this is a very welcome development.

Ange did say we would be focussing on this once the transfer window was closed, and once again he has proved to be the best conduit of information to the supporters about what is going on behind closed doors at Celtic Park.

This is a good start. We’ve brought in someone who is familiar with what the job requires and who’s done it at a high level.

We need to build on this now, and preferably by giving the manager a couple more coaches to work with.

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  • Peter cassidy says:

    Now get in new coaching staff and assiant manager and d.o.f. h

  • Philip MCDONALD says:

    The manager needs his own staff not ones that had been passed down he needs people he can trust and a good working team to get the best out of this team.

  • Joe Ure says:

    The r est of the world has summer football and you have the cheek to accuse Hugh
    Keevins of lying! Nomajor Euro league plays then
    Anton wasnt appointed by Ange This was aDD decision and hewill sack Ange if results
    dont approve

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