Celtic With No More Room For Error As All Our Momentum Is Lost.

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Whatever momentum there was is gone.

Whatever confidence there was in the air is evaporating and leaving us all with a leaden feeling that this is last season all over again. Too much looks the same, from the hapless coaching team behind the manager to the performances of certain players and the flat unimaginative look of the tactical system.

Where was the early energy? The drive forward? The movement off the ball?

Too many passes today were lazy and slack, players not wanting to hold onto the ball too long but not seeing team-mates moving around them. The ridiculous cross ball into the box was back today with a vengeance and this time at home, and it was as ineffective as Livingston away.

The manager praised the team and the performance after the game, in another grim echo of last season.

That display didn’t deserve his praise, too many were off the game.

A couple you might even say were hiding.

I’ve defended some of them, especially Ajeti. Someone needs to tell that guy, pronto, that he’s not here on holiday and that when this club finally decides he’s a waste of a shirt he’s more likely to end up at a Charlton than a Chelsea.

Too many of that team look lightweight and not built for battle. David Turnbull is especially concerning right now. He and Rogic do not look like a combination that will work against compact defences and midfielders who are going to get in your face.

We have lost our way. Badly. If this is the manager’s plan, then it’s a poor one. If these are his standards they are not high enough. We can make excuses about injuries and bad luck but that’s all they are. The league table doesn’t lie, and we’re six points behind an Ibrox team which, itself, isn’t terribly good but they keep on winning and that’s what counts.

Right now we’re not seeing any of it. Little flashes against Raith Rovers mean nothing. This team hasn’t shown up in recent weeks, and although we were able to get by Ross County it took us longer to break them down than it should have and the score line flattered us.

That, today, was a Neil Lennon performance in front a home crowd that was understandably unhappy with what they had to watch.

This is simply not good enough.

Celtic is now facing a longer, harder season and there is no more room for error.

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  • Geoff McLean says:

    Training regime needs to be addressed.
    Why are we continuing, according to reports,with high tempo training between games.
    There is absolutely no need for anything except working on systems and set plays when we are playing every couple of days.
    I firmly believe this is behind the number of injuries we are suffering.
    On that note injured players will be in no rush to get back when things are not going well.
    eg Mikey Johnston

  • Dora says:

    What kills me is sevco are muck but they keep nicking points somehow and i put a heavy scratch under nicking, as that’s all they’ve done since they started up as a new klub..!!
    I wouldn’t give up on Ange, not so long ago he was the dogs after the Dutch win and they shoulda bt the Spanish outfit too….
    Need some luck on the injury front, go on a run and you’d never know, bt wangers in paradise and it’s there for the taking!!
    Eternal optimist, I know but I’m in!!

  • Brian Mccomiskie says:

    Will never have consistency with a midfield of rogic turnbull and soro and ajeti up front.
    The rest of the players could have made. Something of the game .
    Unfortunately six outfield players against ten is basically impossible.
    Rogic and turnbull tidy players but no heart no fight no mobility.( okay when everything is going great and we are steamrolling lesser teams ,never seen them win a 50/50 in air or on deck.
    Ajeti and soro not nearly good enough who in gods name scouted and bought them ( lawell anyone).
    I would give serious consideration to playing some of the reserve/ team players before them .

  • Neil Smith says:

    Angeball has only happend 2 possibly 3 times … The rest of our games … No so much. Jeez it’s sad… Idk is it the players… The manager not implementing his system (he cannot be happy with how we have been playing)… The same old backroom staff ??? Idk? But I think it’s the club’s failure to fully back Ange … Not just in the xfer market (he’s had players imposed on him and for certain some of his targets not bought)… But in the backroom team … Look at the dug out … Look at the interaction or lack thereof says it all …. Does Ange talk to them ??? If so there are 20 odd that don’t listen…. I think given that it ain’t working what happens at half time ??? And yet still the same ?? So many to question Ajeti htg a waste of a jersey… Has Turnbull forgotten how to cross a ball? Does Rojic simply look for 3/4 defenders to run into?? Will we ever have a defensive partnership??? It’s not good … 6th after 7 games … Now think about that … 10 points dropped out of 21 …

  • paul burnett says:

    Who else left with McKay.

  • theinsideman1 says:

    The Ange ball has stoped spinning. Reminds me of when Ronny Delia took over.

  • Dorset Celt says:

    Seems like a nice guy and talks a good game but this team is poor. No physicality and no character when the going gets tough. They only look good against the poorest opposition but when the standard of opponent gets to the Livingstone or Dundee United level Ange and his team are not up to it. Club a shambles, manager second rate, players massively overrated and future very bleak. God help us on Thursday when BL come to town.

  • Mark B says:

    This has been a year long problem. Agree on Ajeti. Add Soro Taylor Starfelt Barkas JohnsonCarr -Vickers. Rogic in my view hasn’t kicked a ball in two years he is injured I think perhaps permanently. McCarthy may be injured. Forrest and Julien injured. Hart a one season goalie. Welsh Montgomery kids. It’s really bad folks. Keep Juranovic Ralston (maybe) keep Julien McGregor Turnbull Furahashi Jota maybe Abada and of course Forrest. The rest are a rebuild over two three years. Rangers three in a row most likely. From where they were and we were it’s actually unbelievable.

  • Mark B says:

    Finally … not backing Rodgers was the inflection point we can criticise his loyalty but he knew how to set up a team. If we had backed him we’d have ten and more. That’s Lawells legacy.

  • Joe Ure says:

    celtics biggest error was appointing a no hoper in ange. i said weeks ago that he was out of his depth and would be gone by end of october,after unforgivable recent results he should be gone by the start!
    Surely you have run out of excuses for him James?

  • Davy says:

    What happened to this team steamrollering teams 6 or 7-0 every week and this team and manager destroying every team in sight. I couldn’t believe your comments after the St Mirren game!! Coming home now! The reason no one had heard of him before is because he is a dud. Throw Kennedy and Strachan into the mix and we are going nowhere. Not good enough!!

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