Celtic’s Board And The Case Against Dominic McKay.

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I think it’s readily apparent that something has gone majorly wrong at Celtic Park when we’re replacing the CEO after 72 days in the job.

I think heads should roll for that, even if the leaks to board-friendly media are broadly in line with the truth.

Their version of events is that Dominic McKay was just not getting the job done.

Now, I personally wonder how the board which left Lawwell in his role for 17 years and which didn’t see that Lennon was leading us to disaster until February could have arrived at that conclusion so soon, and I think that there has to be more to it than that.

But let’s for the sake of this article give the board that which they haven’t earned; the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s imagine that the version that’s been leaked to mainstream titles and a handful of friendly bloggers is broadly accurate and reflects feelings inside the club.

Is there anything in the public domain which supports that point of view?

And you know something?

When you look for it – when you actually start from the premise that these stories are true and look for circumstantial evidence to back that up – there’s actually quite a bit which does.

I had not realised how much until I looked at it.

What I’m going to do in this article is examine the stuff that’s out there and that we can actually measure.

I’m not saying I believe this hypothesis, I’m simply presenting it in full to you, and I might not even go that far because I am sure there are elements to this which I have missed and therefore haven’t included in the article.

This is the case in favour of the Celtic board’s version of events.

You might be surprised how strong it is, albiet in a circumstantial way.

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  • John says:

    James, as I have said in a previous article on this subject it is dangerous to assume that the problem is all on one side.These situations are rarely black and white. Sure the board made some catastrophic decisions last season. Dubai and not removing Lennon after Champions League fiasco but we have now moved on with an absolute first class manager in Ange.I would urge all the malcontents who have Peter Lawell and the board living in their heads to get behind Ange and the team. I am old enough to have lived through the pre Lisbon Lions days of the early sixties and Lou Macari days of the ninetiesBeleive me this is nothing in comparison.10 in a row is gone now so we need to get over it and move. HH

  • Jim says:

    The Board cannot be allowed to get away with this.
    Why are they appointing a man who has ” no idea about all this football stuff ” ??
    What kind of Due Diligence and discussion took place, for goodness sake ? The same due diligence as when Lennon was appointed, and all other C.V’s from around the world weren’t even looked at ???
    For such a vitally important Appointment to fail after 72 days, the blame lies squarely with those who chose him and the process they undertook to do so.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    If what you put forward is largely true – it then circles back [(c) jen Psaki] to the board and how on earth they were so clueless about these deficiencies before hiring him, and so, even the case for the boards defence damns them too….


    • Thomas M. Daley says:

      I used to sign in with my name Thai Tommy, now when I post, message displayed “You are signed out”

  • John says:

    Wonder if the people who lambasted the board for leaving Lennon in his post way too long are the same people lambasting the board for removing McKay quickly if, indeed it is true that he wasn’t up to the job? Just a thought. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. HH

  • The Great God Pan says:

    I don’t believe this at all.
    I believe that Dominic McKay was trying to involve the fans more and this would be a frightening prospect for the board members and for Dermot Desmond.
    McKay was a Celtic fan and would NOT have been clueless about matters football.
    He is certainly well respected in Rugby circles and turned Scottish Rugby around.
    Could it be that the board may have realised what a talent they had and perhaps.some began to feel threatened?
    It is just another possibility in the context of an alarmingly lack of information from the club.

  • Hamoflage says:

    So best case scenario for the board is that after the shit show of last season they managed to appoint a CEO who was so catastrophically bad that he had to go after 2 months. Lawwell was crap and got 17 years, Lennon was disastrous and got appointed twice, doesn’t stack up for me unless McKay shat in Dermot’s pocket and then tried to burn the stadium down.

  • Marcus says:

    A great article James. I had never seen the Desmond and Strachan interventions for what they were, or at least seem to be now in hindsight. Lots of interesting points made, thanks.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    Thanks for the analysis James and for challenging yourself and us – that’s the reason why this is the best blog around. Your points were well put and have made me more open to reconsidering my previous position. It all sounds reasonable and plausible and doesn’t entirely let the board off the hook. Time will tell no doubt.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    This celtic board and Desmond i would not belive a word they say as for mckay not up to the job give us a break new manager in new players in surplus money in the kitty after selling and buying progressing total bull$hit from the board football business not the hardest business to run when you have massive fan support like celtic maybe mackay to clever for some.

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