Celtic’s Passing Stats Are Extraordinary And A Tribute To Ange’s Impact.

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A series of stats, published today by the CIES Football Observatory, which analyses data from leagues across the world shows the remarkable impact that Ange has had on our club. These only cover four league matches, but they are absolutely amazing.

On global passing stats we’re third only to Paris St Germain and Shakhtar.

In passing completion, we are fourth, behind those two clubs and Lazio.

Our completion percentage is over 90%, which is an extraordinary feat and especially when you consider how little time the manager has had to establish this style.

It’s more evidence that we’re moving in the right direction.

I mean, every one of us can see this clearly but it’s great to actually see some statistical verification that things are being done differently and that they are working. The manager has not had long had to get his ideas across; that he has succeeded to this degree speaks volumes for the character and professionalism of Ange Postecoglou.

Not only are these encouraging stats, but you can see that we’re moving ball forward and more aggressively.

It all promises a great campaign. The numbers don’t lie and even at the weekend, when the performance was slightly more subdued than the other home games it was still a comfortable victory and one where we scored three times.

Whilst things off the field remain ridiculously complicated and the club looks as if it’s going through another dreadful spell of calamitous decision making, the manager and the players are doing it right and they have us looking forward to the midweek tie.

All the signs on the playing side and the coaching side are good.

If things weren’t so chaotic looking on the boardroom side it would be the most stable our club has looked in a long time.

All credit for that goes to the manager and his people.

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  • SSMPM says:

    These stats are interesting in that they show Ange has the Celtic way in his DNA. Though its points that make prizes and if this progress carries on then we are on the road to the most interesting stat of all. HH

  • Stevie says:

    Passing stats fantastic.
    My issue is Ange was Doms man.
    Looks like another mess to me.
    Celtic board only work with yes men team players as they say.

  • jrm63 says:

    Interesting. After the first goal on Saturday, the other two came from crosses. Watched Motherwell crush Aberdeen, Crosses into the box. I would like to count the number of crosses that Celtic put in on Saturday. If was more than 6 I would be surprized. And that with 2 wingers. I am not sure that stat is all that you might think it is.

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