Celtic’s Young Striker Must Double His Efforts In Light Of Kyogo News.

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News of Kyogo’s injury has re-fired the debate over whether or not this squad is strong enough for the coming campaign.

I don’t think it’s a big issue, but I understand why we’re having it.

If our Greek bhoy is injured, we have Ajeti.

But who covers for him?

We could scare each other all day with ifs, buts, maybes and other possibilities, some of them so remote as not to merit proper discussion, but we’re also a club that has undergone major injury crises before and so the concerns aren’t completely overblown.

There are players who could deputise as strikers if we needed them to.

Forrest and Jota have played that position before.

We’re fortunate in that respect, but playing these guys there simply creates shortages elsewhere in the team.

The best solution would be to have a striker in the striker’s role, and fortunately it looked as if we had a good backup in the B team; Owen Moffat. He has been quiet of late, but he is clearly an excellent prospect and capable of performing at the first team level.

If there was ever a time for this kid to step up his game, it is now.

He is on the fringes already.

For the next four weeks he’s got opportunities he might not get again for a while.

For the next four weeks he is one step away from being in the squad for games.

It is up to him to take that step. It is up to him to prove that he’s worthy of it. If he does it then the chance will be there for him to get some time on the pitch. We have such a busy schedule that the manager will certainly be considering rotation.

Moffat can make himself one of the options.

If he performs. We know he’s capable of it.

This is one of these moments that separates the boys from the men, one of those moments when we find out what our youth players can handle.

Step forward young man, and make yourself a part of this revolution.

The only thing better than signing a superstar is seeing your club develop one.

The fans will be rooting for you all the way.

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  • JimBhoy says:

    I feel at Celtic right now there is real hope for youngsters to come through and it’s really been part of the fabric of Celtic over the years to give youth a chance. This is how it should be.

    By Xmas Ange should know his squad well an who is knocking on the door and if he sees a gap he will have money to dip into the market.

    Strategically the Japanese market could be a good shopping venue given the interest on Kyogo already. I am sure I read at one season we had sold 200k shirts in Japan on the back of a good Naka season. Geting close to that could gain us £3m profit per season on additional shirt sales. Nice bit of business, more importantly there are good quality players to be had.

    In terms of Kyogo injury I think he will be back sooner than expected hopefully forming a formidable partnership with our new Greek striker. Hope the big guy gets off to great start tomorrow. Celtic also have goals in them all over the park.

    Lots of positives at Celtic right now.

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