Christie’s Dad Can Try To Kid People All He Wants. His Son Left Celtic For Money.

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I wrote here last week about how people at Celtic were genuinely shocked at Ryan Christie’s departure.

We offered him a good deal to stay, a deal that was pretty close to what Bournemouth were giving him in terms of wages.

What swung it was that they also offered him a whopper of a signing on fee, which of course we couldn’t match. That was the difference maker. The player himself had considered staying at Parkhead and right from the start of this saga I’ve said he was listening to bad advice.

Today Charlie Christie has defended the move saying that Bournemouth is a stepping stone for his son.

If you’re laughing reading that you aren’t alone.

Celtic to the English Championship isn’t a stepping stone.

You are not competing in Europe.

You are one player amongst the toughest competitive league in Europe.

And he’s 26 years old.

What if Bournemouth end up stuck there? What if they spent the duration of Christie’s contract as mid-table battlers? He could have as easily stayed at Celtic and got himself a move to a mid-table EPL side if that’s what he wanted from his career.

Ryan Christie left Celtic for money.

Or rather, because his advisors convinced him to leave for money.

Those who are calling Bournemouth a backward step aren’t doing it to disparage Ryan as a footballer, they are doing it because it’s a fact, because it’s true, because the Championship is a step down from winning trophies and playing in Europe.

It’s none of our business, really, but there’s only one question Charlie Christie should be getting asked when he assures people that this wasn’t about money, that this is about football ambition and moving forward; “what was your cut Chuck? What was your cut?”

He’s the agent, so it would have been sweet. Real sweet.

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  • Phil McIntyre says:

    he won’t be missed he was getting bad his passing and shooting well off . good ridince

  • Bob (original) says:

    Was also surprised Christie went to Bournemouth, but it was for the better that he and the other ‘want aways’ have gone.

    Of course Christie left for the money.
    Likewise, CFC let him go for the money.

    Unable/unwilling to match a signing on fee – but still banked a reported million quid.

    I’m shocked that CFC was shocked that a player they wanted to retain chose to leave – and for a Championship club.

    Christie and his Dad don’t come out of this move looking good.

    But, then again, CFC doesn’t come out of this move looking good either.

    • Mark says:

      The Championship is better than the SPL. I think he could have waited and got a move to the EPL. BUT I also agree he could simply disappear in that league . As for being unable to match a signing on fee…how much was it? Clearly we were unwilling rather than unable to match it. We have brought in a colossal sum in transfers over the last year, and we have spent considerably less. Truth is both him and Eddie have wanted away for ages and their performances showed it. Brutal for sometime. I dont foresee either being a big hit .

  • Dora says:

    All about the lolly..!!
    He’ll love it down Bournemouth, much easier to hoof it over their stands…good luck with that !

  • SSMPM says:

    Ha ha not much love lost there then. Poor misguided rich boy showed the Hoops, that’s us too, no respect at all by going to a tottie wee club and pretending its about progression. HH

  • Wulld says:

    How many of you wouldn’t leave your place of work for a whopping rise and a gigantic bonus to go somewhere else ? Thought so.Best of luck to the boy.

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