Dominic McKay Must Now Tell Celtic Fans What His Plans For The Club Are.

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The transfer window is over. Closed. Done.

The first really serious business of the Dominic McKay era has been completed, at least for the next three months.

Celtic has emerged from that window in good shape.

In better shape, it seems to me, than most thought that we would. Better shape than many of us believed possible.

We are all pretty pleased with it.

But that’s part one. Dominic McKay has a lot of work to do in other areas of our club.

He has a huge rebuild to do off the field, in the football department, and now that Phase One, arguably the most important phase in the here and now, is done it is high time he spoke again to the supporters and filled us in on what the long-term future holds.

There’s a lot to be done.

We need to know what the football department’s structure is going to look like for a start. Are we going with a director of football model or something else?

Are we staying, perhaps, in the era of having a manager rather than a head coach?

That’s problematic in some ways because the modern manager has a lot more on his plate than was previously the case.

The concept of the manager has changed, and so have his responsibilities.

The manager wants new additions to his backroom team. Presumably we have plans already drawn up for that. Time to start enacting them. The scouting department needs rebuilding. That task should probably already be well underway.

More than all that, it’s time for him to outline where he sees our club in the next five years.

Top in Scotland, for sure, but in Europe, where? Lawwell and others have chased European Super League pipedreams for years; we would settle, right now, for regular Champions League appearances. A little return to realism and reality.

Some of the teams who’ve knocked us out, they’ve done it on smaller budgets with less infrastructure.

They’ve done it and then gone on to prove that they aren’t even moderately good sides. We have squandered a lot of opportunities and money, and we need a long term strategy so that we no longer do that. The size of the job is daunting.

But the CEO answers to us. He must present us with a vision, something we can all believe in, above and beyond the one the manager himself now offers. He’s the man now, the buck stops at his desk. The strategy emanates from his office.

It’s time he told us what he intends to do with that power.

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  • Frankieb says:

    With all the players we’ve signed this close season who has scouted 12new players if we have no scouting dept

  • LimeGreen Bhoy says:

    Why should the CEO have to make a statment? Let him get on with his job. What other club has a CEO that is continuesly in the press? Because Peter Lawell micro managed the club doesnt mean the new guy has to do the same.

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