Dominic McKay’s Resignation Leaves Celtic In The Hands Of Those Who Led Us To Chaos.

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Dominic McKay’s resignation as Celtic CEO, which the club has announced tonight, is a genuine shock to every supporter.

Just when things appeared to be going well something momentous has rocked our club yet again.

What in God’s name is going on at Parkhead?

McKay has been in the job for less than six months.

Most of us were of a mind that he was doing well, that he was charting a positive course. He had opened dialogue with the fans. He had given the manager support and encouragement.

They seemed to have a good partnership, one that took us in a fresh and exciting direction.

McKay is a guy with ideas and ambition.

He rejuvenated Scottish Rugby.

He clearly had a plan, or was in the process of formulating one.

That he has resigned so suddenly is genuinely shocking, especially as it was not long ago that he thanked the fans for renewing their season tickets and took a bow after the closure of the transfer window.

McKay’s appointment was encouraging because he was undergoing a major revamp of the club and the club structure. The appointment of Michael Nicholson in the “acting” role will simply not do, except as a temporary measure.

As Celtic’s statement makes clear, he has been at the club for eight years already.

I would be amazed if he had anything fresh to offer in this role. His perspective is one of continuity, not radical change. The last thing this club needs is for The Brains Trust who got us into the shambles of the last 12 months to believe that they can deliver the changes we require.

McKay’s resignation is highly suspect. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder if he has quit because his proposals for the club have run into opposition within the walls. Nicholson is seen by most people as a creature of Peter Lawwell.

His appointment would be seen as evidence that the club has returned to what was business as usual.

And that simply will not do. McKay was viewed as a positive force because he wanted to modernise the whole structure.

Appointing a board yes-man changes the whole dynamic inside the walls.

It makes it incredibly difficult to believe in the forward progress which we all thought we could see. This is not a positive development; it’s an embarrassment.

We have failed to retain the services of an outstanding CEO and have gone decisively backwards with an internal appointment which reeks of the same complacency and arrogance which characterised the conduct of this club over the course of the last year.

The board’s statement emphasises Nicholson’s status as “a team player” – which strongly implies that McKay was not seen as one.

It stinks of the CEO being cut off at the knees. No wonder he wasn’t willing to stand for it.

Business as usual is what caused the mess McKay and Ange Postecoglou have spent the last three months trying to clean up. If that’s what we’re back to then even bigger trouble cannot be far away. Those running things at this club are a joke.

Mark my words, this is not a good day for Celtic.

We are back to looking a shambles and those who so spectacularly fell asleep at the wheel once again have it in their hands.

That does not inspire the slightest confidence. We’re back to where we were in June, only worse; we’re back to the non existent “strategy” which delivered this summer of chaos.

I have no faith whatsoever in this board or their puppet chief executive.

The need for a radical change of direction at Parkhead is now acute and serious and vital.

The fans deserve answers here … and I do not believe we’re going to get them.

The contempt this club shows for us is disgusting. We’re supposed to accept tonight’s ridiculous statement and follow this thing blindly.

Celtic needs transformed from the very top of the house.

Nothing less is going to suffice.

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  • Jim Armstrong says:

    What the [email protected]#k is happening. Desmond has to come out and make a statement about what is happening with our club. A whitewash is not acceptable and the fans won’t stand for it. We smell a rat.

  • Bob (original) says:

    If this decision is health related, then we just have to wish him well and move on.

    If it is not health related then we should be worried.

    A successful, capable CEO of the SRU would not lightly choose to quit the SRU – and to then quit his new role so soon which could cause him irreparable reputational damage.

    If Lawwell was one of the highest paid football CEO’s in the UK/Europe, then we should be aiming for a top quality replacement.

    …which means that this Nicholson will probably get the gig permanently… 🙁

    • Ange Baby says:

      Totally shocked-you would think if it was health-related then Dom would have been happy to confirm this.

      It looks like he has ruffled a few feathers with talk of…shock horror……modernisation.

      His deparuire and the abrupt nature of it can only be bad news for the fans

  • theinsideman1 says:

    I will tell you exactly why Dom McKay decided to walk this evening. Like it or not Dom McKay has left Glasgow Celtic F.C because of the influence that Peter Lawwell still Wilde’s with in the walls of park head. His resignation was nothing more than a smoke screen. The Celtic board &. Dermot Desmond fear was season tickets sales might slump. Lawwell again my friend’s chasing anything positive or ambitious away. Its all to keep their scam going.

    • Mick Tierney says:

      Ffs personal reasons could be anything
      If Dom has left for any reason related to his tenure at the club it will be disclosed either by himself or by the club, leave the conspiracy theories to the other side of the city . This man leaves with the best wishes for himself and his family. Ynwa

  • Jim says:

    His mistake was to talk of Modernisation.
    Clearly frightened the life out of the dinosaurs, stuck in the 50’s. This is an outrage.
    Would you like to explain things Dermott ?
    It could be time for the pitchforks guys and to run this Clique / incompetent Board of outdated chancers; right out of town.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    Sack the board

  • Tim Buffy says:

    A few weeks ago I emailed the club to say that Peter Lawwell was still listed as CEO on its website in spite of the fact that he had been replaced by Dom MacKay. I received no reply and Lawwell is still named as CEO on the site. Coincidence or what? Or his hand still on the tiller?

  • Paul Mitchell says:

    Something stinks in side CELTIC park

  • Seanavich says:

    It’s for reasons like that I did not renew my season tickets. I knew something like this was coming. It’s a sad day but I fear all the People that run our club see our support as something to be taken for granted and exploited. A very sad state of affairs.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    Clearly from the word go, Dom is his own man and when you appoint someone like that – theres gotta be cradical change, or he leaves…..

    Its clear that every time Celtic park is filled, we must scream our message to the board – Desmond o’crook et al – time to go NOW.


  • Daniel Higgins says:

    Desmond sell your shares your time is up you rat!!!

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