Dundee Utd Should Beware Of Celtic’s Attacking Threat On The Wings.

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Last night we did what we failed to do at the weekend.

Last night we kept the ball on the ground and ran at their defence, and you saw that it made a difference not just in the performance but in the result. Obviously we can’t read too much into it, but it was so markedly different from what we saw in Livingston that the players must have learned from it.

We look so much more effective when we run at teams.

We look so much more dangerous when the ball is on the ground being played to feet.

The one strength most teams in this league have is that they have physical players who can put their heads on the ball; quite why we persist in playing to that strength instead of exploiting their weaknesses I don’t know.

On Sunday we play Dundee Utd.

It may well be that the big Greek Giakoumakis is not going to be fit for that one, so we’d be wasting our time even trying to play a crossing style.

Last night was more like it and it’s no coincidence that our wide men got goals.

This is what happens when you give defenders too much to think about.

Scottish defenders are mostly hopeless when the ball is being played at their feet and around them, and this is the bruise we should be punching on at the weekend over and over again.

We have two skilled wingers who will score for us.

Abada has proved it already. Jota is starting to grow into a fantastic asset and his goal last night was excellent.

There is much more to come from them both as we form ever deadlier partnerships.

If the wingers are cutting inside, it also draws players out from the middle of the box and that allows people like Rogic and Turnbull to get on the scoresheet too.

Do that and you don’t need a 30 goal a season striker banging them in … you have enough firepower to get the job done.

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