Hugh Keevins Should Not Be Allowed To Lie About The Celtic Manager’s Words.

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I am forever grateful to that handful of people on Celtic social media who boldly go where others fear to tread.

I myself try to read as much of the mainstream media as I can so that some of you don’t have to; if there’s anything worthwhile in there it ends up on here sooner or later, in one form or another.

It’s a dirty job, but I signed up for it and freely take it on.

There are places I’m not willing to go though, and Clyde Superscoreboard is one of them.

It’s too much, it’s too hard.

On the few occasions I do listen to it I can actually feel brain cells dying.

I am sure I’d be a tenth smarter if I hadn’t listened to so much of it in the years before podcasts and fan content was everywhere.

It wouldn’t have made me Einstein but when I’m bingeing boxsets I probably wouldn’t have to re-watch the last two episodes of a prior series whenever a new one airs.

It’s the little things that drive you nuts, I find.

I don’t know how the handful of guys who listen to this stuff and bring back the transcripts for the rest of us do it.

Of all of them, Paddy Sinat of Vital Celtic is my favourite, and I know the guy well and I am confident that this smart man remains head-healthy.

None of his brain cells are dying.

Maybe his mind is tuned to just the right frequency or something.

He put up a piece earlier on Hugh Keevins, one of the many reasons I personally cannot listen to the show.

Keevins gives stupidity a bad name.

Paddy quotes him during a discussion on Ange, as he laid out his view that the Celtic fans are turning on the manager.

Keevins would say that, of course, as he predicted that we would and he’s always right.

Except in the 99.9% of the rest of the time when he is not just slightly mistaken but dead wrong.

If there were journalist awards for pig ignorance he would have a special wing on his house to store them.

Paddy is a superb note taker and transcriber.

He is meticulous in bringing us back word-for-word what Keevins and other goons, like Mark Guidi, say on that show.

I have little doubt that he has quoted Keevins in that article absolutely perfectly.

And that’s the problem, because if he has then Keevins is up to his ancient tricks again. He has not simply distorted what Ange Postecoglou said at the weekend but flat out Made Stuff Up in order to support his twisted narrative.

Paddy quotes him thus;

“Losing to a team who were bottom of the league with one point from a possible fifteen is unacceptable. And for (Ange) to say, ‘It might have been my preparation of the players, we got into a hole, I had no solutions’. The fans are then saying, “What is going on?”

When I read that earlier today I had to re-read it.

And then I had to read it one last time, after I had gone and checked Ange’s weekend comments for the sake of clarity although I already knew full well that he had said nothing that even resembled that.

At no time did Ange say that he thought his own preparation of the players might have been to blame.

At no time did Ange say that he had no solutions.

The only part of that which even comes close to what Ange actually did say was the part about being in a hole.

Keevins made the rest of that up.

I am not even going to accuse him, as I have so often, of twisting the manager’s words to suit his agenda.

He just invented quotes, like some ninth rate Stephen Glass or Jayson Blair.

This guy shouldn’t be allowed to pull this kind of stuff.

All last week, I defended the media after the Ibrox bans.

This is the kind of thing people deserve to be banned for.

It’s not journalism.

It’s reeking falsehood being passed off as legitimate commentary.

If Keevins wants to branch out into fiction, he is welcome to take that up.

But nobody ought to be credentialing him on the basis that he’s any sort of reporter because a reporter is supposed to come back and tell his audience what actually happened, not invent stuff that he wishes had happened so as to support his own point of view.

This is why it’s important people like Paddy are keeping an eye on these folk.

Their false narratives and barefaced lies can be challenged and called out when they are identified.

Our manager deserves better than to have some clown like this put words in his mouth.

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  • Charles says:

    Kevin’s seems to be getting worse at this sort of thing. He states something at the beginning of the season and then tries to find something later on to fall into what he initially said. Time to move on Kevin’s your time is up

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Keechins is a Soup taking auld Prik!! Thinks he’s smart coz he can get the last word in & his answer is always “Ah but I make these predictions as a bit of Fun & then the listeners get the chance to call me when I’m wrong” I tore the Auld Prik a NEW @RSEHOLE MANY A TIME before getting barred, the shows a JOKE!! They Fone the same Peepul aw the time & the Celtic Fans like John & Frank who probably DONT EXIST LOL!!

  • harold shand says:

    A disgrace of a hack

    A few days after two fellow pundits are not allowed into Ibrox after been deemed a security risk

    In his weekly column he goes with the safe as houses slaughtering of both Glasgow teams in Europe when both teams played superior opposition

    The big question is

    Would he have stayed silent if it was his SSB buddies Rae and Halliday who were denied entry to Celtic Park ?

  • John says:

    Why anyone would give this goon head time is beyond me.My advice would be to stop listening and reading any articles from this moron.Loves to court publicity and his sevco loving employers and fellow colleagues lap it up.

  • Joe Ure says:

    Hugh is right most Celtic fans nowrealize what I stated weeks ago,namely that Ange is
    completely outofhis depth,as hisdisastrous results have proved and losing to lousy
    livi was inexcusable,so why are you excusing it ?
    Keevins is no hun he isan honest Celticsupporterwho gives honest opinions and his b
    brother has been a priest for over 40 y ears

    • Roonsa says:

      Really Joe? Are we back to this patter? His brar’s a priest so he’s wannane us? That kind of thinking, along with Keevins, is an antiqued ruin from a not so fondly remembered bygone era.

      Who cares if he’s a pure kafflick? The guy still slanders our team with impunity. Celtic fans who legitimise his claptrap by reading his column or listening to him on SSB are harming the club by doing so.

      I know a lot of sevco fans don’t like him, SSB or the gutter tabloid press for pretty much the same reasons that are being called out on here. Fan media is my only source of Celtic based reporting. If everybody thought like me and focused on facts and informed opinion rather than lies and trouble making, maybe a lot of the problems that still drag Scottish football down would disappear.

    • Droopy McCool says:

      Joe Ure needing to go back to school

  • scouse bhoy says:

    2012 the club you supported and played for now no longer exists, the exact words he told andy gray in a live radio show. 2021 new club or same club is it 55 or 1 ?. this is the question that needs answered by all so called sports journalists . that article by nicholas the other day beggars belief the only thing that got ditched was a shameful mountain of debt.

  • Steph Taylor says:

    Thanks James, for writing and righting a serious wrong.
    Ange deserves better than having his words made up.
    Celtic should not be turned against Ange, an honest man, by the words of a well-known teller of untruths.

  • SSMPM says:

    If you’re a brickie and your brother’s a priest you’re still a brickie. If you’re a liar and you’re brother’s a priest … Keevins also worked for the DSS so he’s used to bending the truth in favour of the institutions. Wonder if his brother prays nightly for his sold out soul.

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