If Away Fans Are Allowed Into Celtic Park, We Will Have To Include Our Rivals In That.

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Those amongst our support who are clamouring for the return of away fans at Celtic Park might well get what they want.

But they need to think about what they are asking for, because if we are able to make provisions for Motherwell fans or Hearts fans or Aberdeen fans then we are going to have to make provisions for those at Ibrox as well.

That’s a fact.

It’s something that our supporters might not want to hear but it is true nonetheless. The reason Hearts and Motherwell believe they can succeed in getting us to change our policy is that there is an SPFL regulation guaranteeing away sides an allocation. That rules does not say “but you can ban those of any club which you don’t particularly like.”

This whole thing started with Ibrox telling us that we would get no away allocation, after the tickets were printed and sitting in the office at Celtic Park. Once more, we’re being dragged into a gutter war which they started. If we were going to respond in kind, and keep their fans out, then we couldn’t let any SPFL away supporters into Parkhead.

If we change the policy now, the fans of the Ibrox club will be entitled to a following at our home game against them and we will need to make provisions for that.

Once again, this was the game’s governors sleeping at the wheel.

The time for the SPFL getting involved in this was back when they did it to us … their failure to act is what has caused this whole problem.

If they suddenly decide to enforce the rules we’ll need to abide by them.

For a lot of our fans this will be unacceptable.

Having not been able to attend Ibrox, I believe it’s absolutely fair that their fans are banned from attending the first game at Celtic Park; if they want to wise up and get a grip for the return games then so be it, but we shouldn’t be compromising on this.

But it’s a little like the vaccine passports debate all over again; once the decision is made there’s really nothing we can do except abide by what’s in the rules.

If you want to blame someone for that, blame the SPFL who stood back and did nothing when the club across the city pulled their little bait and switch earlier in the campaign.

They can do whatever they like, that lot.

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  • Johnny says:

    Don’t let any in until after the newco game

  • Damian says:

    Yip, obviously.

    On principle, if it’s safe for away supporters to be allowed in anywhere (as ours were in great numbers at Livingston), they should be allowed in anywhere.

    On balance, this is far more of an advantage than a disadvantage to Celtic over the piece. But whether it’s advantageous or otherwise to any club shouldn’t be a consideration at all and Celtic shouldn’t have any more of a say in the matter than any other club.

    If Rangers come to Celtic Park and win it will not be because there are 600 spectators who know all the words to God Save the Queen. It will be because Kamara and Aribo can be deployed as proper number 8s, and we don’t have any such players at our club.

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