Is Celtic’s Big Problem From Last Season Being Replicated At Our Rivals?

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The ancient wisdom says that “a house divided cannot stand.”

Nothing is more sure to drive a football club into crisis than if its constituent parts are working at cross purposes.

This was what happened to us in the last campaign. Is history repeating itself across the city?

Football clubs are strange places at the best of times, and there are always things happening behind the scenes which would scare the Hell out of the average fan.

There have been times when I’ve known things about the background noise at Celtic that I dearly wished I didn’t know.

Back in Rodgers’ final season (or half season as it turned out to be) it would have been great to be blissfully unaware of how toxic things had become between him and the CEO; instead I had more information than most, and had to watch as the divisions grew and that started to impact on what was happening on the pitch. I saw disaster coming before it did.

Likewise, it was easy to see that things were wrong at Celtic from almost the minute Lennon got the job on a permanent basis.

The second season collapse was coming from way before it happened. He had lost the dressing room, and certain players simply didn’t want to be there any longer. Whether that was down to him or not, the fact of it was obvious.

Tonight the media is trying to put a good spin on a story from across town about Glen Kamara’s contract. The player has acknowledged the hype that surrounds him and he’s made it clear he’s in no hurry to ink a new deal. It’s clear he believes that there are better offers out there than the one he presently has from the club.

Somehow the press has this as him being “committed” to the club. Presumably in the same way that Goldson is, with his own deal up at the end of the campaign.

I would imagine he’s as committed as Morelos, who some in the press painted as being full on board with the cause, only for the player to admit that he’s only there because they didn’t get a good enough offer that would have allowed him to leave.

That’s three, that we know of.

There are most probably more.

This is the thing with all the hysteria that surrounded them in the last campaign; their players are winners now and they reckon that they are owed something for that. I’m sure that the way the manager threw them under the bus after the Champions League knockout hasn’t helped. He has a habit for doing this, when things don’t go their way.

Celtic looks a much quieter, happier place without those inside the walls who’d rather not be. There’s none of the uncertainty around the place anymore; the players who are here are committed to the cause and want to play for the manager.

A dozen are newly in the building.

Others are enjoying their football for the first time in a while.

The club is settled in a way it hasn’t been for God knows how long, with everyone on the same page.

That changes things, especially if life across the city isn’t so happy.

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