Is Kris Boyd’s Article On Griffiths Incitement To Hatred? Yes, I Think It Is.

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It’s not going to come as a great galloping shock to anyone that I am not in the least bit interested in making excuses for Leigh Griffiths. That man should never be allowed to pull on the Celtic shirt again, and I don’t think that he will be.

Griffiths is a prize idiot, who’s conduct has gotten him into a world of trouble. I didn’t agree with him getting booed but I understood it and had expected it. I thought he should have kept his head down this week when the chanting started. His inability to do so is why he’s facing charges and what will almost certainly be a long SFA ban.

But Leigh Griffiths does not deserve – because no-one deserves – the outpouring of bile and hatred that will pour of the stands of the away support today at Dens Park and only a complete scumbag would be encouraging that savaging.

Step forward the village idiot reject, the one and the only Kris Boyd.

I read his piece today incredulous that it ever made a national newspaper. It crosses every line of good journalism and good taste. It reeks with open loathing, which pours off the page. That article had no place in a mainstream publication.

It incites hatred. That, actually, is a criminal offence.

It includes “threatening words, behaviour or material, and (is) committed where the offender intended to stir up hatred.”

You cannot read his article and be in the least doubt that this is precisely what he intends.

The opening line is “Karma has a way of catching up with people.” This is the start of an argument which says that Griffiths deserves everything he gets today, whatever that may be. “Leigh Griffiths is about to find that out the hard way at Dens Park.”

The gleeful tone in that is unmistakable. Boyd is willing something bad to happen, and worse, the rest of the article lays out the reasons why that would be alright with him.

“He was laughing when he tied that Celtic scarf to one of the goalposts at Ibrox a few seasons back. Grinning from ear to ear during an Old Firm game the day he waved his Irish tricolour from the Broomloan Road Stand. When he wiped his nose on a Rangers corner flag he thought he was being clever. Well, let’s see how smart he is when Rangers supporters tell him what they think of him. Griffiths is about to get bombarded with 90 minutes of relentless abuse and if he’s got a brain in that head of his he better be prepared to take it.”

What else is that but a justification for the most vicious behaviour? Why should Griffiths, or anyone, have to take some of what is going to be thrown at him today? Much of it will be sectarian. Why should anyone have to put up with that?

“Griffiths only has himself to blame — and the sooner he realises that the better,” Boyd goes on to write. I wonder if he’d repeat that sentiment if someone lunatic vaulted over the barrier and attacked him on the pitch?

This part made me laugh, in the context of the above. “Is he capable of accepting responsibility for anything in life? I’m not sure he is.”

If Griffiths is subjected to more than just taunting today then I would suggest Boyd would be at least partially accountable for that, and so would the newspaper that allowed his vindictive hateful spiel to run today. If anything happens, I hope they take some responsibility of their own.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Griffiths has been on the thick end of abuse for years. He has been the subject of anti Catholic abuse for years and even gets booked when orange thugs throw a bottle at him from the stands. He at least stood up against that. He at least publicly stated that their club was deid, where’s our club’s voice in this. Seems to me some of our fans are supporting the SFA in this. The corrupt SFA and their corrupt referees. EUFA fines rankers for anti Catholic/Irish abuse. What about the SFA? Nothing. A bit of balance would be good from our support. Sure some of his actions have been out of order but more out of order that the abuse he’s taken? Quiet on that again and again we are. I for one am glad Leigh stood up time and time again unlike the pathetic patrons of our club. HH

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Well said SSMPM,what about the moron that threw that flare on the pitch ,he could have miss thrown and it landed amongst his own support ,but nothing said about him only big bad Griff,I wish our board and and other players stood up for the abuse they get ,it seems Griff’s the only one with guts to stick up for us at times,will always be remembered for ” yer clubs deid mate bear it”

  • Peter Heaney says:

    Don’t kick a man when he is down.
    Think of how many times he’s helped Celtic and Scotland.
    Blame the person who threw the smoke bomb on to the field.
    Is it coming to a time to search everyone coming into a football match, then the fans crying of missing the start of the game.

    • Seppington says:

      Griffiths should have left the flare on the pitch or booted to the side. Booting it into the crowd was dangerous as f. and yet another act of blatant thoughtless stupidity. Enough is enough, he’s had enough chances. Folk like you would have forgiven Fred West of his crimes if he’d banged in a few against the huns. Get a grip.

      • Ryan says:

        So we would have forgiven Fred West, the murderer, and it’s everyone else who needs to get a grip? Right you are ya throbber.

        • Seppington says:

          It’s called “hyperbole” look it up ya bellend. An over-exaggeration to make a point FFS, as if I would seriously suggest that. I just think it’s weird how much Griff can get away with in some people’s eyes just because he’s scored a few goals for us. So did Maurice feckin Johnston and all he did was sign for them. Not great, I admit, and yes he was a walloper for how he did it no question but hardly the war crime you’d think he’d committed when you saw Timdom’s reaction at the time.

      • Jim Duffy says:

        Booting it into the crowd was dangerous but I still don’t think he meant to do that ,what about the numptie that lobbed out there in the first place ,why no word about him being a nutcase ,and to even bring Fred West into the argument is just totally ludicrous.

        • Ryan says:

          I think you said it more eloquently than I Jim, but I defend my point that Seppington is a throbber!

        • Seppington says:

          I know it was hyperbole but I’m sick of this “He’s banged in goals for us so lay off him” attitude over Griffiths. I don’t like the fact that I feel this way but his actions continually directly or indirectly hurt the club and no player is bigger than the club and that must be made clear There has to come a point where we say “Thanks for all you’ve done for us Leigh but we have to release you”. He can stay at Dundee where, let’s face it, he was staying anyway..

      • Northamptontim says:

        Who allowed Kris Boyd a pen or a microphone guy is stupid as they come .
        He’s got no idea what you saying the guy a clown

      • Malc says:

        Are you Kris Boyd in disguise?

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    Boyd is your stereotypical pish player trying to keep his base happy, make no mistake this excuse for a human hates not just Celtic but Catholics he comes from a part of Ayrshire where Burt Reynolds would recognize. Griffiths is a waste of space and worse probably although I believe he will be recognized as a far better player than “timber Boyd ” . I am a protestant Celtic supporter who was an s form for Kilmarnock pre Timber so I know the club and the mindset he just went up a level when he went to them.

  • Helen keenan says:

    That Kris Boyd should be suspended for writing such an article and the paper he writes for should be handed a fine for promoting his article but as this crap sells papers they will be rubbing their hands in glee while Leigh Griffiths will suffer a torrent of vile abuse which is out of order, the guy has made many mistakes but surely does not deserve this.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Well said Helen ,at least Griff had the guts to stand up to the manky Hun mob,seppington ,needs to realise the shit that Griff has had to put up with all these years ,the same shit that Lenny had to endure, seppington probably thinks that Lennon deserved all that vile abuse he had to endure.griff was the only one who got it right ” yer teams deid mate beat it ” .

      • Seppington says:

        No Seppington very much does not think Lenny deserved all that he got and especially not to the degree he was getting it from some of our own last year. You want to talk about how much of a contribution a player made to our club then let me tell you Lenny pisses on anything Griff has ever done from a great height. Lenny has never dragged the club’s name through the mud in the way Griff has repeatedly over his time at CP. Lenny was a victim of hateful morons, Griff is getting it in the neck for being a moron. Big difference, and if you can’t see that then you are a thick as he is.
        A pithy retort to a knuckle-scraping hun does not absolve him of blame for all of the stupid crap he has done since signing for us. I had hoped when he joined us he would screw the nut and grow up and for a while I thought he had but nope, still behaving like a dumb teenager. As I said I know he’s had his issues with depression (I’ve been there, I can sympathise) but if his self-harming behaviour starts to harm the club then we have to take action. We’ve clearly tried to help him but there’s only so much the club can do, it needs him to step up and he just won’t.
        By the way, I’m not in any way trying to back up Boyd here. He’s an utter twat who should be charged with inciting violence for that piece of trash. I would love to never have to hear from the crog-magnon craniumed bawbag ever again.

  • SSMPM says:

    Well the best outcome for Griff today would have been to get a goal or two before the hun SFA try to impose the biggest ban they possibly can on him.
    Irony upon irony though.
    Griff had several chances in front of goal to score today and was unable to show any accuracy missing each and every chance yet apparently he’s deemed to have aimed and kicked a flare of the non spherical type so accurately he tried to seriously hurt, kill, or even murder.
    If I had that non spherical object Clit Blob would have his Arrivederci flare up. HH

  • vinthetim says:

    I am afraid if you read that particular publication James,you deserve all you get!!

  • Boab says:

    So is Boyd rankled that a Celtic scarf was tied to a goalpost at the ground were he plied his trade with the defunct club, is he of the same mind that the person also flew a tricolor at the same ground of his liquidated club, what has any of Boyd’s nonsense got to do with present circumstances and Karma.
    Karma would surely have been if Griffiths volley with the flare knocked the ar^seho;e in the crowd who threw it out.
    Besides why are the media giving page space to a grown man who cannot accept his baldness and suffers from an inferiority complex which is evident when he has to speak and try and be relevant when in with his peers.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Sadly James, bitter ‘void’ is only the latest in a long line of ‘reporters’ that spread their hate and bile for Our Club.
    Scotland will fail as a nation if they do not get that lot under control.
    eg. The Battle of George Square x2 are the most recent examples.
    The sfa has always favoured the iboaks club and that will continue unabated.

    The ONLY way now is for the Scottish government to TELL THE sfa to do their jobs correctly and apply the rules without favour to ALL CLUBS and that includes the iboaks one too.


    A new governing body, but the current sfa won’t be too keen on voting for their own demise.
    Bad situation that’s been in place for at least 50 years, Scotland needs change.

  • Ryan says:

    Absolute disingenuous pish from Boyd, one of their nutcase fans could *easily* run on the field and knife him, what would he think then? Think that’s unlikely? Well, they spent their ‘celebrations’ bottling each other, so what would they do to a fenian that takes delight in skelping them?

  • Paul says:

    Some more great writing James,Boyd is a Neanderthal & no one in their right mind actually listens to him except his Brethren,Griffiths is a Pro Football Player & should realise that he is going to get it tight from most fans throughout the season,I just hope that other fans don’t abuse him the way the Govan Neanderthals did & as you said there was hate,sectarian & racist chants from the unwashed,Keep up the good writing bud.?HH?.

  • Terry Collins says:

    For a start “Kris Boyd” doesn’t “write” any article for any of the tabloid comic’s … it has a “ghost writer” and frankly it is extremely doubtful if Boyd could construct even the simplest form of sentence/paragraph and accurately insert the appropriate punctuation to make it intelligible!
    Everyone knows exactly what Boyd is … it is a bigot who has been afforded ‘column space’ in a comic book rag and there is nothing that it could cause to be put into print that anyone with a modicum of intelligence could, or would, ever take seriously.
    Leave the mug to stew in it’s own filth, whether that be spewing from it’s mouth, it’s rotund arse, or lurking in some dim corner of it’s not so sharp brain!
    Boyd is an insignificant turd! … IT alway’s has been a “has-been!”

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