Kris Commons Is An Idiot, But Criticism Of Celtic Is Valid After Yesterday.

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As I said in the earlier piece, the are having their day in the sun and we’re just going to have live with that, all of us, including the manager.

Because when you lose to a side that hadn’t won a game until yesterday what else do people expect?

I have no problem with criticism.

I do have a problem with clowns like telling us what we think.

He is a grade one fool, the sort of person who if he told me the sky was blue that I’d immediately seek a second opinion.

His version of criticism is usually OTT hyperbolic nonsense and today was no exception.

We should be able to ignore people like him whilst realising that the media itself has a job to do and that we have invited the scrutiny by frankly not being that good yesterday. I think criticism and scrutiny are healthy at a time like this, as long as it’s not people having a kick just because they can.

We have to realise that a lot of this is valid.

As usual, the best scrutiny is that which comes from our own side.

The Celtic Star has published an excellent piece over that shocking away record, which is bad enough until you actually consider that we’ve only won 3 of our last 17 away games, in all competitions, since the turn of the year.

That encompasses three different managerial tenures.

The good thing about a record that bad is that it has to improve.

That record is so bad that it stands out as an aberration, which is why it’s getting so many headlines.

Our club has been a mess this past 12 months.

We need to start coming out of this on the other side, and as we scrutinise the negatives – as we should – we need to focus on the positives too.

That’s where like Commons are very easy to ignore; they aren’t interested in finding or highlighting positives.

They have a that they want to push and they will do so heedless of how it makes sound.

They are white noise.

It’s the of the press, those simply laying out the bald facts, that Ange and the rest of the coaching team should be concerned with. And the more concerned they are, the sooner, you’d hope, we’ll be out of this disarray.

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  • kirikocho blazes says:

    I disagree with you calling so and so is an Idiot or a “Fool”. I think the guy is giving his opinion and, like it or not, we are not in a good place right now! And I don’t think Ange or the Coaching Staff pay much attention to the “Fact Layers” of the SSMSM. If they are then they must have nothing better to do!

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