Lawwell’s Pet Hack Blames McKay For Celtic Exit Because He Ran His Own Show.

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Celtic does a great job of self-harming.

Part of the problem is that there are too many people at the top level of this club who either don’t understand the support or they don’t care about our views at all.

The events of the last 12 hours have been shocking.

What has been put out in the media today has been worse.

This morning the hatchet job on McKay is well underway.

Most notably, the Usual Suspects have been briefed to get the word out that he just wasn’t all that good.

Apart from using the mainstream press to viciously attack the guy, whilst fan media gets the absolute silent treatment –perhaps because we wouldn’t have swallowed this for a second – it’s the narrative being put forward which is so enraging.

The best example comes from Lawwell’s pet hack McGowan, who claims that McKay could have helped himself by leaning on his predecessor a bit more.

In short, Lawwell said he would be available on the other end of the phone and McKay said “cheers, nice to know” and then never called.

Which apparently annoyed people in the hierarchy.

How appalling is that? How petty?

What in God’s name goes through the minds of the people at the top of Celtic?

Not only the fact of it but that someone thought that this was something to tell the media in mitigation.

It makes them look like shit.

It makes the whole club look like shit, like a dysfunctional banana republic where catering to the egos of the bosses is the only way to survive.

This wasn’t some minor functionary that these people were able to just throw aside like garbage because he wasn’t toeing the party line.

This guy was the CEO and serious organisations do not jettison their CEO after 72 days because he wants to pursue the strategic vision that he was hired for.

They don’t then release a “hey, we’re moving on” statement as if it was nothing.

Nor do they replace him with some in-house flunky and pretend that this will suffice in the modern world.

It is outrageous behaviour; some might even call it entitled.

These people genuinely believe that our club – OUR club – is theirs to do with whatever they like.

They lumber from one disaster to another without a scrap of accountability whatsoever and they try to justify it all in ways that just make them sound even more unspooled from the reality of what the fans in the stands actually care about.

We bought into McKay’s ideas because they were different.

Because they were radical.

Because they were going to drag this club into the future instead of leaving it in the hands of these rank amateurs, these tired white men who haven’t made a good strategic decision in the last six years and found a way to screw that up as well.

The board is now openly briefing the media that the things we were most excited about were precisely the reasons he’s no longer at Celtic; he wanted to chart his own course, he wanted to move us beyond the Lawwell-Desmond nexus, he had plans and ideas which were going to modernise the way things are done.

And for all that, he’s been cast down by the very people who brought him in in the first place, the very people who sang his praises not that long ago.

These people don’t give a toss about any of us.

If they gave a toss about Celtic they would put their own judgement, or lack of it, under the spotlight.

Instead they try to fob us off with a narrative so mind-bendingly negative it’s frankly stunning.

Who the Hell did they think was going to be convinced by an argument which basically goes, “If only he’d listened to Peter …”

As if Lawwell wasn’t part of the problem in the first place, as if the whole point of McKay wasn’t to make a clean break?

These people are so out of touch it’s scary.

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  • Justshatered says:

    So essentially the guy who was brought in to modernise the club and then our potential into reality has been binned by the guys who have failed the support, and the club, for years.
    Lawwell ran the show before in an autocratic way but the guy brought into replace him has clearly been undermined by Lawwell’s placemen.
    Things don’t look good.

  • Bob (original) says:

    It seems that this all sits with Desmond.

    Why did nobody on the Board get binned for all the missteps during last season?

    Why did nobody on the Board get punted for the Howe embarrassment?

    Why will nobody on the Board be accountable for ‘losing’ a highly rated CEO after an embarrassingly short period?

    Can only presume these ‘Yes’ men on the Board are simply following Desmond’s orders.
    (Which may or may not be communicated via Lawwell?)

    Whatever, this latest shambles off the field doesn’t inspire confidence for the future – especially if Nicholson gets the job permanently – as he’s simply the ‘convenient’ / cheaper option. 🙁

    • Seppington says:

      “Tired white men…”

      Please stop this virtue signalling pish. Not every conversation needs to be about race FFS. Not all white men are monsters. Are you, James? I know I’m not. Skin colour is irrelevant, an arsehole is an arsehole end of story.
      The only way to get change is to not turn up for games, no Celtic TV, no merch etc. The Ferenghis on the board only understand one thing – profit. Lower those dividends and we might start to see change. I am disgusted with the lot of them, WGS and his boy can get tae and take Kennedy with them.

      • Seppington says:

        (Sorry Bob that was meant as a general reply, not aimed at you at all)

      • Refresher says:

        Exactly, that type of comment seems more suited to woke academics on social media, than to describe people at a Scottish Football club, where most of the supporters are also white as well..

        As for the board, I noticed James’ latest article, and I think he might have got it right, the board might not be entirely to blame for Dom McKay’s resignation. They might just have acted quickly, to stop the situation getting out of hand. Hopefully the full story about what happened might come out at some point though.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    The one thing and its almost leapt off the page was “it’s our club”….the sooner the board realises that the better

  • John says:

    Too many John Delaneys of the FAI and its ‘dubious’ board running our club.
    Was Nicholson offered the job in the shower?

  • George Brown says:

    Basically, the Board is made up
    Of Tories, since when did Tories ever care about ANYTHING other than Greed?

  • theinsideman1 says:

    You get the leaders you deserve.we are a gluten for punishment. They do what ever they want unopposed. No wonder it continues. They actually laugh&sneer at the fans now who they consider entitled& uneducated. Rumour has it Ange is very unhappy with the latest scandal & will walk by Christmas. They have no fear& continue regardless as they know all the fans can muster is to stand idly by like rabbits caught in the headlights.

  • The Great God Pan says:

    They don’t give a toss about us fans.

    However much we talk about the Sevco-ites and how their club soaks them dry, we are no different. Unless we show a concerted response I think we are done.

    Fergus expected a fans group to be part of the show to represent the fans. We have been let down badly by the beaurocratic board who continually protect their own interests at the expense of our club and its fans.

    Sometimes tough love is necessary. We can obviously display our feeling through banners,
    But, perhaps a good response which has been suggested would be to organise a mass walk out after a home game has started and everyone goes home. Or simply to continue to use the pass to Paradise instead of attending games.

    Whatever we do should be peaceful. However, can the fans act collectively in such a manner? It is a matter of letting this board of dinosaurs know that they are not appreciated for their greed and selfishness.

    We need people who are interested in the club, not charlatans who are just interested in money.

  • REBELLIOUS says:



  • Peter cassidy says:

    I have said on here many times this present board can’t be trusted the big shareholders run the club have for years the board do what they are told ie Desmond its all going to end in tears again.i knew this was going to happen when the coaching staff was not replaced when lennon left and no d.o.f. mckay saw what was going on liewell lurking in the back ground and that so called celtic man stop laughing Desmond he is the biggest problem we have at celtic.

  • Stephen Hart says:

    Most of the points I wanted to make have been posted already , one if the points being we laugh at sevco and their fans being treated as dafties (Bennys) when we already have them in our own support .
    Once again the bad news comes out after season books had been purchased so do you think the board are really bothered .
    I don’t blame the board now it’s the fans who need to be questioned as they continue to line the pockets of those in charge , so stop complaining.

  • Darren James Kerr says:

    We are a strangely run club behind closed doors. Incestuous Board and living in the dark ages re our business model. Also a bunch of self serving shits. We fans need to bring them down with a wrecking ball.

    • Alex Smith says:

      Hardly behind a smokescreen. Our accounts are presented on time, and healthy (given the current climate) I may add.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    ….it looks to me as if everything is being set up for PL to rise from the ashes and step back into the role, which as far as I’m concerned, he has never relinquished.
    There gonna give us the old “better the devil you know” nonsense.
    And if I was a conspiracy theorist I would suggest that neither them or us will ever be allowed to be so dominant ever again to satisfy the likes of Sky and those with dreams of playing in the EPL.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    If the fans keep backing these leeches who run celtic well they can’t complain so as they say like it or lump it .

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    As someone commented above, we have an incestuous board bordering on insidious when it comes to the fans. Fans whom I cannot feel sorry for anymore. We basically have a Kelly/Whyte Mafia at the club again! I have stepped away from “the club” a few years ago because of the contempt and ignorance shown to us by the board, and because of the fact it has simply ceased to be “OUR CLUB” anymore.

    Like many have said above and previously we poke fun at the dead club and the zombie following across the river but the club are not really any better run. The club are a bank balance away from being exactly the same.


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