McAvennie Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut Instead Of Slagging Celtic Players.

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Frank McAvennie is a tiresome bore and an idiot. He likes the sound of his own voice a little too much, and he knows that as an ex-Celtic player the media will give him the spotlight whenever he wants, just so long as it’s us he’s having a go at.

The latest Celtic target of his ridiculous yammering is Albian Ajeti who is the only fit striker our club has at this moment in time. So of course, McAvennie would think it a good idea to start trash-talking about the guy. But to who’s benefit?

Certainly not Celtic’s and certainly not the player. Not Ange Postecoglou’s either, who I hope is asked about these idiotic remarks so he can dismiss this joker as the last couple of Celtic managers have done. You get the feeling he might start with asking “Frank who?”

Honestly, I am pig sick of ex Celtic players trying to “keep current” by talking the most ignorant and inflammatory crap about our team. McAvennie is speaking to hear the sound of his own voice, because there’s no merit whatsoever in saying he’s more capable of playing in our forward line, at 61, than the Swiss striker who’s carrying the water for us right now.

It’s not just unhelpful, it’s wilfully disruptive and whatever McAvennie might be telling himself that is not the act of a friend but the sort of tabloid stuff you expect from the likes of Kris Boyd. That’s the company he’s keeping in making these sort of remarks.

There are some ex-Celts in the media who’s contributions are insightful and analytical. I love Hartson because he’s one of them. I wrote earlier about Stan Petrov who looks as if he’s going to be another o them. Not sycophants, not cheerleaders, but people who talk straight, honestly and intelligently. The latter certainly doesn’t apply to McAvennie.

All he’s done today is rattle on the bars of his own cage to get attention. Nothing else. He has made no contribution to the debates around our club. He has used his position as a former striker at Celtic to undermine the guy who’s presently in that role.

It is the act of a spoiled spiteful child … or an enemy of our football club.

Either way, I hope somebody tells him to keep his mouth shut for a while.

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