Our Rivals Missed Their League Cup Chance. If Celtic Beat The Holders We’ll Win It.

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So St Johnstone it was then, and that’s a good draw.

They might be the holders, but most people will see we got the easiest draw that there was to get.

In spite of the events of the weekend, I feel good about the League Cup.

By the time it comes around we’ll be ready.

I wanted the Ibrox club in the draw, because I have been saying since the draw that gave us Raith Rovers was made that their best chance to win the League Cup was to get us at Ibrox early, when we were least prepared, and when they failed to do that I figured that was it.

When next we play against that team of theirs we’ll (hopefully) have near enough a fully fit squad and we’ll have a fully integrated team.

That will make us the favourites.

On the wide open spaces of Hampden and Celtic Park, I think we’ll own them.

But of course, even discussing is to cook rabbits we haven’t caught yet. There is a tough semi-final to navigate, and we would do well not forget that.

St Johnstone’s cup record is excellent. As holders they will fight us tooth and nail for the prize of playing in that final.

We should not assume that this is a walkover.

Far from it. Holders usually always go down swinging.

That we didn’t in either competition last season was all the reason we ever needed to send heads rolling down the Celtic Way.

The reason it’s a good draw is that I’m pretty confident that if we beat the holders we’ll win the tournament.

I couldn’t tell you, and I don’t care, who we would get in the final if we do.

Hibs might have enough to do it, as Gerrard’s team are notorious bottlers.

But they still have the luck of the devil over there … and so you can’t rule that out either.

An all-green Hampden showpiece would be a nice way for Ange to get his hands on some silverware though, but I’ll be feeling optimistic either way.

If we get there. The game is on 20 November, with the final a month later on 19 December.

The next month will be tough; November is always a nightmare.

But if we see off the team with the second best domestic cup record in Scotland in the past decade then I think the League Cup is ours to lose. Win it and we’re off and running, and Ange could be on the way to his own place in the pantheon of great Celtic bosses.

It’s all to play for here, and we’re 90 minutes from that final.

The holders stand in our way.

If you’re going to win things, that’s who you’re going to have to beat.

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  • John mcghee says:

    Well the way celtic are playing just now they are shocking theirs to many bottles in that celtic team honest and that defence is shocking aswell ajeti what can i say rotten who the fuck spotted him needs the sack our club has went backwards yet again and im raging at our board of coward bastards the lot of them.

  • MarkB says:

    James I love this blog but your optimism needs reigning in. A few weeks ago you said nobody could live with our attack. Now the Cup is ours if we beat Saints. Rangers are clearly favourites,we are struggling. I want us to win but we have to be way better than our current form. We haven’t beaten Rangers in nearly two years and in that final we were outplayed. So let’s support the team but be more realistic.

    • CHRIS says:

      Mark B
      That’s twice in the above post that you have mentioned your old club who no longer exist.
      Every post i’ve ever read of yours mentions them as superior to my own club Celtic
      I’m going to set you a challenge.
      I’m going to dare that you post something that doesn’t mention your dead club.
      Just see if you can do it.
      This would be a massive change for you, but the challenge is out there.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    At this time Saints will be a tough opponent for Us; especially with what we’re seeing from this group of players. Given time Angeball will return when the returning injured players are good to go.
    I’m no fantasist and I truly think We will be back to Our best, banging in goals aplenty.

    Backing the team is all We can do, as anything other than that is exactly what they all want Us to do. ie. To get on the backs of Ange and the players, they’d love that.
    They are NOT getting it from me, and I know We All have a right to Our opinions but when that’s detrimental to what We are All hoping for, well; I draw a line at that.

    Thanks James.

  • Peter cassidy says:

    7 matches × 3 points =21 points celtic record 7 matches = 10 points enough said don’t want to listen player injuries should have enough good players to win against most teams or maybe players just not good enough or bad coaching and tactics and thats down to the manager the buck stops with him .

  • Voltaire says:

    Sevco are not favourites for anything.
    Hibernian, Hearts and Dundee Utd and St Johnstone are all capable of beating Sevco (and ourselves). Any club in the top 6 is strong enough to make a difference. So nothing is settled.

  • Voltaire says:

    Celtic fans need to support the team and stop getting on their backs.. Reserve your criticism for the board and absentee landlord. How would you like someone constantly criticising you when at your work? When things are not working on the park, they need our support more than ever.

    The manager and team deserve our support, the board does not, Neither does Dermot Desmond who has a sense of entitlement and arrogance that matches that of his friends across the river. The AGM will be a place to give voice to concerns.

  • Han Solo says:

    I’ve no idea where this optimism comes from. We’ve been rotten for weeks with no sign of improvement. Ange had a decent start but things are getting worse, not better. Also, sevco are the favourites by far. When was the last time we beat them? This arrogant nonsense needs reigned in. I’d expect it from that lot across the city, not from a Celtic fan.

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