Perhaps Jack Ross Missed It But Celtic Has Tried To Resolve “Unhealthy Situation.”

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At the root of so many of the problems in our game is the unstable, unreasonable behaviour of the children at Ibrox, the board of directors which is always looking for fights and battles and arguments and cannot help itself but to act in a spiteful way.

Jack Ross is correct to bemoan the lack of away fans at the two Glasgow clubs, but I cannot help but think that we would not be in this situation if the one across town had decided to play with a straight bat when dealing with ours earlier in the campaign.

The Ibrox club used the SPFL’s guidelines on social distancing and the creation of a safe zone to renege on an agreement with Celtic.

Our club had the Ibrox briefs, sitting on a desk in the ticket office, when they pulled the plug on them and said they were withdrawn.

Celtic was stunned by that development, absolutely stunned.

It has hardened attitudes.

Celtic is not responsible for where this began, but I know there are concerns in our club over exactly how we can end it.

If we give access to other in the league we have to give access to the one across the city, and that might be the sticking point.

This situation is not ideal, but Celtic did not create it.

Ross says that both should work to resolve what he has called an “unhealthy situation”, but this, though well intentioned, ignores one of the central facts of this, which is that we have tried already.

Celtic has been trying to resolve ticketing differences between ourselves and the club across the city since before the global health crisis.

Every effort we have made to do so has been rebuffed. Every attempt. Their club simply does wish to fix this, because doing so would mean stepping back from their current position and that would anger their own fans.

You don’t have to be immersed in local knowledge to know that them taking on their on this issue – or indeed any issue – is virtually unthinkable. No matter what Celtic has tried to do here, this is the mentality we are up against.

Nothing we say or do is going to change attitudes over there, and that, however much people don’t like it, will naturally have an effect on ours.

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  • kirikocho blazes says:

    Well said James. Maybe Jack just didn’t do his due research before speaking out on this! This only became an issue at the behest of the Ibrokes “Club” even before the Covid crisis began! Scottish League Rules state each Club must provide “A Reasonable” allocation of tickets to Away Fans. Rule? Cue the “Rule Benders”. In quite unsporting terms the Celtic away fans were effectively banned from the Ibrox stand, by their ticket allocation being reduced by about 90% from c. 10 000 to 1000 tickets. They just couldn’t stand the Celtic fans celebrating so gleefully when we beat the there time after time…after time again! And so fairness left the room via the window at their behest. Sporting Fairness exists there in name only.

  • John S says:

    From what I understand, visitors to Ibrox are a security risk. If they cannot guarantee the safety of spectators then their ground should be closed.

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