Ryan Christie’s Departure Came As A “Shock” To Those At The Top At Celtic Park.

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Today I spoke to someone I know at Celtic, someone with a good claim to being a true insider, and they told me something fascinating, in light of some of what I posted earlier in the week about Ryan Christie’s departure from the club.

I wrote an article on transfer deadline day pointing out that there was really no argument that could be maintained about Christie having left Parkhead for “footballing reasons” and I suggested that he might have been very badly advised.

My friend at Celtic as good as confirmed that, but they went even further; I was told that the mood inside Celtic in relation to Christie’s decision was one of shock. I’m told that on the night of the AZ game that most people within Celtic believed that Christie was about to sign a new deal with the club. A deal which would have made him a top earner.

I’m told that Celtic had made keeping the player an absolute priority, and that Ange was fully signed off on using a chunk of the budget to secure him at Parkhead for the next couple of years. I’m told that Christie was on the brink of signing that deal.

So what went wrong? According to my friend, what happened was that Bournemouth offered him a considerable signing on fee and that it was this “money in the hand” offer which swung the deal. I’m told that wages were not part of the issue; indeed, Celtic’s offer came close to, if not matched, what the Championship club had put on the table.

But it was that guarantee of a big sum up front which apparently swung the deal.

Celtic really did believe that they had gotten this done, and that Christie would be at the club for a good while longer. Ange feels let down. McKay feels let down, and especially by the timing, with things going to the wire on the very last day.

When Celtic realised that the gig was up, it became about realising a fee for him and all involved at Parkhead should get great credit for the way they were able to do that.

The one thing Ryan Christie did in our favour was that he refused to sign a pre-contract deal with the English side, which meant we were in a position to ask for money.

We shouldn’t hold any grudges over this. Ryan gave Celtic good service, right up to the end, and his stance made sure that we got a transfer fee. There’s no bitterness or anger here, but disappointment more than anything else and I get the impression the club isn’t pissed at Ryan as much as it is angry with his “representation”.

Everyone here is on a new page. Celtic has moved forward and Ryan Christie has moved on. But I wonder if it’s a move he’ll come to regret in spite of his laugh-out-loud assertion that he has always had a place in his heart for the English sea-side club.

Regardless, from what I’m led to believe Celtic’s hierarchy are very frustrated that it ended how it did. Their efforts to keep Ryan at Parkhead were real, rubber stamped by a manager who rated him highly and would have wanted him to stay.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Sounds like nobody at CFC deserves any credit.

    A player we really wanted to retain – but couldn’t match a signing on fee?

    CFC being cheap, as per?

    Good luck to Christie.

  • Robert Dinning says:

    Agree those at the top at Celtic should have had this deal signed and sealed long beforehand. Waiting till he could have signed for nothing tells you how tight they are. He’s always was a creative player, played out of position to accommodate others. It’s Celtic who are the losers. Cost more to replace with no guarantee it will improve us.
    Agents can be greedy and not advise properly as well

  • Dora says:

    Best of luck to Ryan…keep hitting those rooftops at Bayern sorry, silly me, meant Bournmouth of course!!

  • Dora says:

    Hope you hit those heights Ryan….shoot for the stars with boringmouth…serious champs league aspirations..fair play kido, top move!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Nuts. I do believe Christie was provided with care and medical support from the club. Last year Christie said that he didn’t want to talk about contract negotiations to the media/press/blogs and that it would be resolved in time. I thought at the time he running his contract down. I do believe he continued to give his all but I also believe a future move was his motivation with a bag of cash. Actions count more than words. A move to Boringmouth and a bag of cash was his rainbow, hardly a Celtic man and hardly Celtic’s fault. Apparently with some of our supporters everything is Celtic’s fault

  • YYY says:

    Sorry but he did hee haw last season, and looked totally disinterested this one too. We are well shot of him as we were with Stuart Armstrong. Good luck with spending your cash as you won’t be getting any trophies. Bye bye and don’t let the door hit you on the back of the head.

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