Starfelt Has Praised The Celtic Fans For Getting Behind His Difficult Start.

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Carl Starfelt is in the press today, fulsome in his praise of the Celtic fans and the support they have given him.

We know the guy has had a slow beginning and we know that the media was lining up to paint him as some unfolding calamity.

But the fans have risen to the moment, ignored that nonsense, and gotten behind him.

Starfelt came here with a first-rate pedigree, but he was always going to need a bit of time and space.

The danger was that the media would push some of our supporters to write him off, and then we may have had a problem.

But the fans have not done that, possibly because Celtic fan media has not allowed that narrative to take root.

The player knows how difficult these transitions can be, and that he’s thanked the supporters for making it easy is the proof of how little the mainstream press is allowed to influence fan thinking these days.

He has been much better in the last few matches and as he grows in confidence and gets to know his team-mates better he’ll only improve.

It is massive that the fans continue to support the players, even when they are struggling, even when they are really doing badly.

That’s when they need the support of the fans most and Starfelt’s obvious gratitude, alongside his improved displays, is proof that it works.

The media will play its wee games and try to find fault with everyone in a Celtic shirt when they can.

They will pick individuals and pound on them in the hope that we’ll do the same. They can only get away with it if we let them and in the case of Starfelt they haven’t, and we’ll be seeing the benefits now of standing by our player.

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