The Celtic Players And Coaches Team Meeting Is A Step In The Right Direction.

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Last night, David Turnbull informed us all that a meeting took place between the players and the coaches in the aftermath of the Livingston game.

I would have been more surprised if there hadn’t been. Lennon might never have bothered but this guy is different.

I think meetings like this are positive.

Everyone has a chance to talk about what they can do better.

They involve people manning up and taking personal responsibility. This is to be encouraged, although we have to hope that meetings to discuss bad results doesn’t need to become a habit.

But players and coaches should be discussing these kind of performances.

They should be forced to sit through every error, and to analyse every aspect of what went wrong and what can be done better next time.

It’s good to hear that such things are happening.

These meetings should be taking place when we win too.

No more of this crap about giving players days off. I’ve always thought that it sounded an awful lot like the management team deciding that they would take a day off, and using the players as cover.

Wins should be scrutinised every bit as much as defeats.

Even in victory there are always things you can spot, some area where you can improve.

Only an arrogant sod thinks he has nothing left to learn, only a fool doesn’t take every opportunity to get better.

David Turnbull will need to reflect on how he’s doing at the moment.

I think we all love the guy and want to see him succeed, but he’s got elements of his game that he needs to dramatically improve on. He has all the potential in the world, but he needs to dig deep and take himself to the next level, and he needs to do it consistently instead of in flashes.

Other players have their own lessons to learn.

That’s what these discussions will prove to be best at.

They are a major step in the right direction for the team.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Ive just got a nagging feeling that Turnbull isn’t a game changer type but more of an asset to a team that is already playing well.
    He just doesn’t seem able to perform for 90 mins in any game.
    Is that a fitness or a mental strength issue, I dunno?

  • The Great God Pan says:

    Lennon would not have known what to say.

  • SSMPM says:

    Can’t believe this is a new approach at Celtic. Surely not. Good organisations have employed constructive criticism and taking a self critical approach to improve practice for years and years. So if its only just being introduced then what the hell have we been doing these last years. There’s nothing new in this approach but if its only just being introduced then we’ve been paying a lot of managers and Board members a lot of money for being Neanderthals. HH

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