The Guilty Men At Celtic Park: Read The Roll Of Dishonour.

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This article formed part of what I called The Guilty Men series.

It is a repost, so if it sometimes seems to have been written at of last season, that’s because it was.

Why am I posting it up today when it’s been up before? Easy. It’s because of the men on this list – the section about the players excluded – only one is no longer at Celtic, and that individual is Neil Lennon.

Every other one, including the first name on the list, is still here.

Last season saw the manager go, the CEO announced that he would, we all assumed that Kennedy was headed for the departure gate and a dozen players said farewell and left the club never to return.

It was a catastrophe, and we’re not out of the woods yet because we were so slow getting into the prep work for next season that a lot of time was squandered along the way. Incredibly, we then conspired to lose our new CEO in only 72 days.

For Celtic fans, things are still dire off the field, and all we can see in front of us at the moment is more uncertainty.

The people responsible for that are Lawwell, Desmond and Bankier.

All three are in the article that follows, but on rungs of the ladder having had different levels of for the chaos we’ve seen unfold.

Only one of them has departed from his role at the club and some wonder how that is.

A lot of consider that the other two have to go to really bring this dreadful period to a close.

Those are fights for the future … but in the meantime we will recall their names.

All of their names. This is who they are. Read the roll of dishonour.

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  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    The only reason anyone still thinks Pedro was any good is because he had such good PR, and who ran his PR? The Sevconian supporting SMSM…..

    Dermot O’crook, the embodiment of privilige. Very few men who have ridiculous wealth have anyone near them that will tell them when thetre being a prick and he seems to be no exception.

    Lenny, a disgrace how the above 2 chuckle bros gave and kept him in a job.

    The players, if youve not got a game plan/tactics, as was soo obvious to see, how do you week after week keep motivated – Calmac said as much at least twice in post match interviews last season, so for me, given the complexities of the modern game, to put a team out with – go out and express yourself, or just defend, its not rocket science – depending if you were an attacker or defender aint going to work. Its why so many players wanted away.
    So for me, they get a pass, because they had no General to lead them. Look what those that stayed are showing themselves capable of, now we have a Manager again.

    Iain Bankier – used to have an executive box at ibrox – think that says it all…

    2 of the 4 have gone, what we really need to do is work out how to get rid of Desmond, spirit of ’94 is needed….


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