The Media Is Going To Try Every Strategy Available To Write Off The Celtic Boss.

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The Record today had an article where they said that Lennon’s team had a better defensive record at this stage last season than Ange has right now. It was one of those articles which is factually correct but utter nonsense at the same time.

It is one weapon in the arsenal being arrayed against our manager. The mainstream press smells blood in the air. They are going to try everything to undermine him.

Listen, we all know that this team has to be doing better, but the Lennon comparison is frankly ridiculous and we all know that it is.

We lost a bunch of goals in the first couple of weeks of the campaign, including in Europe. We have also scored a ton of them, but that’s nowhere in the analysis of course. We’re in the League Cup semi-final which Lennon didn’t manage.

So we know this is just absurd, but that’s not the point. The press is going to push this line for all they are worth, in an effort to turn the fans against the manager. Their tactics are pathetic, and transparent, and nothing we haven’t seen from them before.

Celtic fans shouldn’t fall for this stuff. Things on the pitch need to improve or we’ll all be entitled to entertain our worst fears and ask serious questions, but there are mitigating factors here which we would be crazy to ignore. This race hasn’t gotten away from us, not this early, but we need to be careful not to lose any more ground.

But the time to properly judge this team is in a month’s time when the players have been together a bit longer than they are right now and when the injury situation is not quite so severe.

I didn’t think we played well yesterday; nevertheless, we hit the woodwork three times and had a perfectly good goal chopped off.

With more firepower in the team, no way we’d have dropped points yesterday. Had we had more firepower we’d have won at Tynecastle as well, and perhaps even Ibrox. The truth is, there’s more to come from this team once players are used to playing together, the system and we’re not trying to compete with several key footballers out injured.

Until then, we should ignore this drumbeat in the media. It was always going to happen the first time we went through a bad spell. They were waiting on it.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Those in the press and media are always waiting to stir the shit-pot, they’ve specialised in it my whole life. And yet they seem now to have had more success in that despicable ploy more recently than in the distant past,
    You only have to glance at social media to see all the armchair experts spouting their uninformed poisonous opinions, setting unattainable goals and in doing so, causing the rift they want to see between fans and Our Club,
    Let them print their bile coz nothing stops UNTIL We are back winning again.
    For me that lot across town are on borrowed time, their demise isn’t that far off…
    Don’t let them get between Us and the Club, that would make them v.happy.

  • Mick Miller says:

    Why are you even reading or buying this Rag ???

  • SSMPM says:

    100% correct Mick. I don’t have to ignore what they’re writing cause I don’t read the Dilly Retard trash because its pure Chris Whyte.
    I do have to read about it because you keep discussing their agenda on this blog. I know you feel you have to James but we don’t buy the rankers supporting news paper because we know they’re writing diarrhoea. HH

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