The Neil Lennon Celtic Fan Story In The Press Today Is A Complete Non Issue.

Image for The Neil Lennon Celtic Fan Story In The Press Today Is A Complete Non Issue.

It must be a slow news day.

The mainstream media tales today about how Neil Lennon is “set to face Celtic fans” for the first time is both ridiculous and factually incorrect.

It is the definition of a non-story.

There really is nothing to see here at all.

When I read the headlines I assumed he was coming back to Parkhead as a guest of the club or something.

That would have been controversial right now.

But of course, he’s not doing that at all; he’s appearing, with Paul Lambert, at a private ticketed event.

So I’m moved to wonder, what’s the big deal? The Lennon fan club can go and pay homage to the hero.

The rest of us can ignore the whole thing.

We can find a better use for £40.

It’s a personal choice thing, not an imposition, so I think very few people who aren’t already going to attend care either way.

The club itself has moved on and so have most fans.

On top of that, the notion that this will be Lennon’s first contact with Celtic fans since he was sacked is plainly stupid as well.

Unless he’s been living on another planet or in self-isolation for the past seven months he’s met plenty of them whilst out and about and it doesn’t seem to have caused him or the fans themselves any ill effects.

This is the media inventing a controversy and looking for a handful of Celtic fan reactions to justify their lurid headlines.

Lennon is not Mr Popular and he might not be again for a very long time, but he retains enough support within the ranks that I’ve no doubt the night in question will be well attended and all involved will enjoy it.

But really … Lennon is in the past and this club is looking to the future.

Everything else is a distraction, and this story is a particularly dumb one.

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  • Just a thought says:

    I think you are a bit harsh on Lennon, he clearly loves the club. He was asked to come back to the club when we needed a manager he did, he was then offered the job to stay on, of course he said yes as it’s his passion. Things didn’t go well as we all know and I would hope he would admit. He was offered the position doing something he truly loves at the club he loves. The blame lie’s with Desmond and Lawwell.

  • frank logan says:

    Where are all the club’s clamouring after Lennon’s services that his fellow professionals said would happen if sacked by Celtic

  • Brian Cavanagh says:

    This is tired old stuff. Neil is no longer Celtic manager -has was a great servant but things have moved. Cant understand why you want to dignify click bait stories in your own column where there are more significant stories to follow and of more interest to Celtic fans now

  • SSMPM says:

    It would be nice if we stopped turning in on ourselves now. Lennon loves Celtic and though he was pish poor last year, he wasn’t alone in contributing to our failure. He gave many years of good service and he and his family took unfathomable amounts of racist abuse as a representative of Celtic. HH

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